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2008 - Around the CLC World


  • CLC Indonesia is able to supply Bibles to 200 Christians who lost everything in recent floods. 
  • CLC Kenya finally receives the container of books from the USA, only for political violence to erupt.  The work gets started in February.
  • CLC Chile has the opportunity to provide a booktable at a conference for 400 Pentecostal pastors.  These events are really appreciated, particularly by those who live far from a Christian bookshop.


  • CLC New Zealand move their Palmerston North shop to a new location.  The team is making great efforts to make their shops attractive and modern.
  • CLC Ecuador hold training sessions for Sunday school teachers in Quito, Cuenca and Guayaquil.
  • CLC worked for many years in Liberia before we were forced to close due to civil war.  However the need for good Christian literature remains. CLC USA heads an international team to investigate how to help local booksellers.


  • CLC Poland sees the handing over of responsibility from Tomasz Kalisz to Joanna Zydek, Tomasz has been with us from the beginning of the ministry in Poland and we wish him God’s blessing.
  • CLC Japan celebrates 60 years of ministry. Praise God for all the lives touched by the work of the team.
  • CLC Spain puts on their annual marriage conference. Praise God for marriages restored, but this year they experienced something for the first time – a couple got married during the conference. It’s a long story, but with a very happy ending!!


  • Marlene Ramroop from CLC Trinidad tells us that the cost of bread has increased by 30% in her country. It is hard to buy books when food is so expensive.  We soon discover that this is a worldwide phenomenon, and is followed by the “credit crunch”.
  • CLC Venezuela opens a new bookshop in the city of Merida. Praise God for the resurgence of the Venezuela team after huge difficulties just a few years ago.  They are also in the process of purchasing a new warehouse / HQ in Valencia. See team photo at conference above.


  • Five countries from CLC Latin America meet in Bogota to plan the Spanish language websites. A single website template and a shared database make the work easier but requires coordination.
  • CLC Australia opens two church based bookshops in Gladstone and Hervey Bay.
  • CLC Swaziland commences mobile work for those unable to get to a bookshop.


  • Carpe Diem! The International Council meets in Bangkok for its four yearly meeting.  45 delegates from 29 countries enjoy 10 days of spiritual refreshment and training.  We were challenged to seize the opportunities that God puts before us.  Patrick, Swaziland, enjoys trying new food.
  • CLC Netherlands reports that a customer finds Jesus after buying a book through their website.
  • Short term worker, Cristina Jackson, spends time doing literacy work with CLC Sierra Leone. She has a great time!


  • ELS/CLC India has a busy month!  They open a second bookshop in the growing city of Bangalore and also open an outlet in the Scudder Memorial Hospital.
  • Vere Babona (photo) from CLC Papua New Guinea returns from the Council encouraged to train his staff. 
  • Leaders from10 countries meet at ICRS, the Booksellers Trade Show held in Orlando.


  • CLC USA has its most successful book launch ever with the release of “Fireproof your Life”, the book that accompanies the movie of the same name.  
  • CLC Thailand reports the closure of the Haddyai shop.  It is a disappointment as the shop had worked for many years in this strongly Muslim part of the country.  In the photo we see Manager Pornwilai with the Bangkok staff.


  • CLC Switzerland is formed and starts work in Lugano, situated in the Italian speaking canton of the country.  Carlo Ciafani is the manager.
  • In the increasing economic gloom encircling the world, a bookseller in the USA reports that Bible sales are up.  “It’s something we can’t  really explain, except that it’s God’s Word!”
  • CLC Colombia celebrates a “Día de Acción de Gracias” – a Day of Thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness and provision.  
  • CLC Italy moves their Warehouse from Rome to Catania.  The new property is a huge investment but the opportunities for distribution are significantly improved.


  • CLC Canada reports that almost 40 Christian bookshops have closed in Canada during the last year – the economic crisis is becoming very serious. However CLC reports increased sales of French books, which is the major part of our work.
  • After a difficult start to the year CLC Kenya (photo) is thrilled to receive 5000 Life Application Study Bibles for distribution to Kenyan pastors.
  • CLC Spain sends two workers to Equatorial Guinea to assess the work there.  Two Brazilian missionaries offer to help supervise the shop in Bata.


  • CLC Uruguay celebrates their 60th anniversary.  During the year they have been able to purchase a new property that will be both a bookshop and a warehouse.  It is better than leaving the books on the street!!
  • The Gideons celebrate their centenary year.  During these 100 years they have distributed 1.3 billion Bibles in 180 countries.  A fantastic achievement!
  • CLC Hungary is 15 years old this month.  The last 15 years have seen tremendous changes in the country, which is now a member of the EU.


  • CLC Philippines release a number of study books including “Christian Theology” by Millard Erickson .
  • The Christmas season in secular shops around the world is characterized by deep discounts as retailers desperately try to maintain their sales.  In CLC we seek to be prudent about our business while maintaining our spiritual focus.
  • Beverly Evelyn retires this year after many years’ service in CLC Barbados. She is one of a number of people who have finished their time with CLC this year and we thank each one of them.
  • Dec 26 brings the possibility of a few days rest for some – but stock checks are just round the corner for most of us! Some things never change.