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2007 - Around the CLC World



  • CLC CA2 reports a life given to the Lord in the bookshop.  Praise God!
  • CLC Colombia “madruga con Dios” – get up early with God!  The shops are opened very early so that customers can buy books outside normal working hours.  It is a great success
  • The national army buys 2.400 Bibles from CLC Indonesia.  This is remarkable in such a Muslim nation.



  • Leaders from 7 English speaking CLC countries gather in Manila to discuss the potential for “working together”.  Collaboration is possible in the areas of publications, websites, publisher negotiations and mission promotion.
  • The Eagilik project in Astana, Kazakhstan takes another step forward with a move to new premises which provide better facilities for the lending library and English classes.  It is hoped that we can buy a bookshop property in 2008
  • CLC Portugal is run by just one worker, Carlos Cunha.  However he has the help of a willing Board and the work is overseen by CLC Spain


  • CLC Barbados celebrates 50 years of ministry – and so does director, Marion Manning!  The shop has “open house” all day, with refreshments being served to the customers
  • Phil Burnham investigates the possibility of  CLC Gabon.  Another mission would like to hand over the work to CLC


  • CLC France has the joy of dedicating their new warehouse.  This has been a long term project that has taken a number of years to complete.  The new warehouse offers many options for expansion in the future.  A bookshop also operates on the same site in Montelimar  
  • Book Fairs are particularly important in Latin countries.  They give us opportunities to sell our books to a wider public. In April Panama, Colombia and Spain were all involved in this ministry


  • CLC Côte D’Ivoire dedicates its new shop in Korhogo.  The location of this shop is significant as it is in the Muslim north of the country
  • Many of our African teams struggle to work with poor economies
  • CLC Spain moves the Sevilla shop to a much better location.  Its position on a main road and the large windows attract many new customers.  Colours from the new logo are used in the shop design (French West Africa Managers)


  • ELS India opens the doors of its new shop in Secunderabad.  An excellent location was made available to us by the generosity of a local believer
  • CLC Panama opens its third centre in Panama City, this time in a shopping mall in the Los Pueblos district
  • Mobile Ministry is a significant part of our work in countries such as New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile & Spain. Workers such as Ray & Esther Grubb in New Zealand spend many weeks of the year on the road


  • CLC Australia has a busy month!  They take over 3 bookshops and one distribution warehouse, mostly in the Brisbane area. This is part of a strategic plan to reorganize our distribution strategy
  • Book Aid is 20 years old. This independent ministry led by UK CLCers Bob & Ada Hiley has sent 232 containers of new and used books to developing nations. That’s more than 20 million books!
  • Leaders from14 countries meet for the Americas Conference held in Bogota, Colombia


  • Praise the Lord! ELS Bangladesh finally opens in Dhaka. This has been a prayer target for some time
  • CLC Myanmar has also had to wait a long time for permission to use its Jeep, which they bought last year. Jacob and the team hope to visit churches and Bible Seminaries now that they are mobile
  • CLC Asia  meets in Seoul, Korea. The regional meetings enable preparation for the International Council that will take place in 2008.
  • CLC Fiji is pleased to move to a new, improved location – and sales respond very positively
  • French West Africa choose Prosper Weda as their new field leader


  • What’s happening?  A new bookshop almost every week!
  • CLC Spain takes over an existing bookshop in Malaga on the 3rd.
  • CLC Colombia starts a new bookshop in Cali on the 15th.
  • CLC Kenya is born on the 29th with the opening of a distribution warehouse in Nairobi
  • CLC Japan reopens its Tokyo shop after a complete renovation.  It looks great!


  • CLC New Zealand took over a bookshop in New Plymouth in October last year.  This year Palmerston North is the new location.  With this new bookshop their sales will almost have tripled in just over a year!
  • CLC Panama open their second bookshop of the year, this time in the city of David, 400km from the capital
  • CLC Africa becomes a more meaningful concept as our African brothers and sisters are able to celebrate their first ever regional conference in Maputo, Mozambique



  • A month of birthdays!  CLC International celebrates 66 years since it was founded in Colchester, England in 1941
  • CLC Dominica is 60 years old and CLC Philippines 50.  At the official celebration in Manila the Philippine team releases a book commemorating the event and even commission a song! 
  • CLC USA is also 60 years old this month.  To celebrate they open not one, but two bookshops. One is a church based shop and the other is a large shop in New Jersey


  • CLC Italy -  the hunt goes on for a new warehouse. The team would like to buy a property, possibly in Sicily, southern Italy
  • CLC Chile continues its investigations into the possibility of working in Puerto Montt. This would become the most southerly CLC bookshop in the world, beating Masterton, New Zealand by a few kilometres!
  • The Russian speaking CLC Teams get together for the St. Petersburg Book Fair -  Russia, Belarus, CA2, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.  
  • Dec 26 brings the possibility of a few days rest for some – but stock checks are just round the corner for most of us!