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2009 - Around the CLC World


  • In Central Asia the law is changing in a number of countries making it diffi  cult for Christian ministries to stay registered according to the new laws.
  • CLC Kenya again has to wait six months for the delivery of a container but there is great rejoicing – and good sales – when the shipment fi nally arrives.
  • CLC Indonesia: Frans Kairupan and Mr Modo have the opportunity to visit a prison near Medan and distribute Christian books.


  • CLC Papua New Guinea takes to the road setting up street stalls in the towns of Gerehu and Waigani, and showing the “Jesus” film in a number of locations.
  • CLC Martinique – despite a general strike on this Caribbean island, two pallets of books manage to make their way through the blockade enabling our staff  to continue selling good books – but with great care!
  • An independent distributor in Australia is forced to close causing supply problems for CLC and other Christian ministries.  Praise the Lord that the publishers responded quickly, allowing us to carry more material in our distribution warehouse (photo).


  • CLC Panama attends the International Book Fair in Panama City and tracts are given to all those passing our booth.
  • CLC Sierra Leone holds a special book fair outside its Freetown shop – a fi rst!  It is also voted the “best Christian business” in the country.
  • CLC Equatorial Guinea continues to bless many people.  Two Brazilian Baptist missionaries run the bookshop and report they are able to pray with many customers to receive Christ.  In the photo Paco Sanchez from CLC Spain is with the two Brazilians.


  • ELS / CLC India announces the opening of a new shop in Pondicherry about 100km south of the HQ in Chennai.
  • CLC Venezuela opens a new bookshop in the city of Puerto Ordaz.  Plans continue for the building and development of a new distribution warehouse in Valencia.   Th e offi  cial opening will take place in January 2010.
  • CLC Ecuador visits indigenous communities in the Amazon looking for ways to supply Christian resources at aff ordable prices.


  • CLC Portugal organizes Bible studies for non-evangelicals led by a university professor.
  • CLC Eastern Caribbean hold their annual conference.  Inevitably it is a colourful occasion!  The photo shows Janet and Davies from Dominica in traditional dress.
  • CLC Kenya sells over 1000 Bibles in one week.  Praise the Lord that His Word continues to be widely distributed and continues to be the undisputed “bestseller”.


  • Central Asia 3 opens after 3 years of planning, praying, fund raising, property purchasing and refurbishment.
  • Central Asia 2 celebrates their 10th anniversary. Praise God that despite trials and opposition the shop is still open and reaching many people on a daily basis. It is one of the most prominent Christian ministries in the country.
  • CLC Italy officially opens a new warehouse in Catania, Italy.  This will serve bookshops throughout the country and, specifi cally, the large evangelical population in Sicily. Thank you Lord for the provision of this place.


  • ELS/CLC India opens their third shop in the city of Bangalore. This makes a total of 17 shops throughout the country, reflecting the continued growth of the church in India.
  • The team from Inverness CLC UK work alongside Luis Palau at a series of events in the Highlands of Scotland.
  • CLC USA reports that the Philly Gospel Fest and the Moorestown store “Family Fun Day” were both great successes. In the photo  - Dave Almack, US Director, with Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter.


  • Neil & Sheena Wardrope and Romualdo & Deedah Macinas have the privilege of supplying an English language booktable at a major  conference in Chang Mai, Thailand. Thanks to the help of the local CLC team, Yongyut & Paula, many books were made available.
  • Violence, civil disturbance and robbery continue to be an issue with incidents being reported in Colombia, France, Cote d’Ivoire, Panama and the Caribbean.


  • CLC Uruguay has the official inauguration of their new shop / warehouse / HQ in Montevideo (photo) with more than 200 local believers attending.
  • CLC Philippines attends the Manila Book Fair and imports a container of books from the USA especially for the event.
  • CLC Kenya launches the Swahili version of Purpose Driven Life  at the Nairobi Book Fair as the key title of a new distribution agreement.  We praise God for the many opportunities opening up in Kenya.


  • CLC Americas (photo) meets together at the USA headquarters for a regional leaders’ conference with representatives from 13 countries. Regional plans are made to extend the work of CLC and improve our cooperation. A proposal to buy 21.000 evangelism Bibles in Spanish is agreed.
  • CLC Belarus produces several children’s books having received the rights from CLC France. A new generation of children need to be reached.
  • CLC Colombia holds its 19th booksellers convention with national and international representatives from bookshops and publishers.


  • CLC Australia announces the opening of a bookshop in Darwin, Northern Territories. Some 3000km from the Australia HQ, it meets a great need in this remote community.
  • CLC Portugal supplies various booktables for the global leadership summit of the Willow Creek ministry. Manager Carlos Cunha (photo with wife Lidia and daughter Ana) is very busy but happy for the opportunity to serve them.
  • CLC Hong Kong is able to take on new staff  member Yu Wing after 18 months working with minimum staff 


  • CLC Romania publishes a bilingual Romanian-English children’s Bible.  It is hoped that the Bible will be used widely in schools and libraries and also by Romanians living abroad in English speaking countries.
  • We thank God that we have been able to fi nish 2009 with more bookshops than at the beginning of the year and for an overall increase in the distribution of Bibles, books and Christian resources.