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CLC Prayer Focus December 2018 - February 2019


Week 49: Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad / Tobago & Dominica

Monday - Antigua: 

Our country continues to struggle economically, which affects every aspect of life, including our ministry. We continue to hold strong to the Word of God. Please keep praying for us! CLC has a mandate to spread the Gospel.

Tuesday - Barbados: 

We praise God for the new bus stop that was erected just outside our bookshop as this has increased the number of people who pass by or wait outside our shop.  We also give thanks for the Thompson Chain Bible Seminar we were able to host this past year, and for all the leaders who were able to attend.

Wednesday - Barbados: 

Our nation is still going through a financial crisis, so we would greatly value your prayers. 

Thursday - Trinidad & Tobago: 

We thank the Lord for answered prayer.  At one of our shops a gentleman visits the store daily and, in effect, operates as a security measure for the two female staff members.  During the year he required a hip replacement.  The operation did not go well but we prayed, and his recovery was supernaturally speedy.

Friday - Trinidad & Tobago: 

Please pray for divine ‘sales strategies’ and that the Lord would give us favour with the pastors and that they would encourage reading in their congregations.  

The Weekend - Dominica: 

We praise God that despite the hurricane, we were able to meet all our financial responsibilities. Also, we are thankful for good health. 

Please pray for the ongoing situation regarding the bookshop.  After many years in the same location, we were given notice to leave in 2017.  We are grateful that this notice has not been enforced yet, but we would ask for prayer regarding the future.  It is in a good downtown location.  

Week 50: Canada, United States, India & Indonesia

Monday – Canada:

Please pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen our financial health and give us innovative ideas to help us future-proof our ministry in this French-speaking region of Canada.

Tuesday - United States:

Please pray with us for God’s provision of new members for key leadership positions. Pray specifically for David and Roelina Scouler (from Australia). David has agreed to be our National Director, but they need long-term visas.

Wednesday - United States:

Please pray with us that God will help us with new marketing strategies in Multi-Language Media, Publishing and Retail. Please also continue to pray for our BookLink project as we prepare to send second hand books to other CLC countries, such as Myanmar, Liberia, India, Dominica and more. 

Thursday - India: 

Praise God that we have had the opportunity to open an outlet in a well-known college in Chennai —the Women’s Christian College. 

Friday - India: 

We are currently in the process of publishing a book in English, entitled Immortal Witnesses for Christ. Pray that this book will be a help and blessing to our readers.

The Weekend - Indonesia: 

Please pray for us as we continue to look for opportunities to distribute Gospel tracts and Christian literature to needy areas and to expand our publishing work.

Week 51: Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Papua New Guinea & Myanmar

Monday - Indonesia:

Pray for the members of our CLC Board, some of whom have been dealing with health issues recently. We are very grateful to CLC Board members around the world who give of their time, wisdom and experience freely while carrying a big responsibility for the work. 

Tuesday - Japan:

Please pray for CLC Japan that they would find ways to advance the ministry and become more financially sustainable. May God give them wisdom and guidance as to how best to tackle the specific problems they face.

Wednesday - Korea:

Please pray that we would be able to reduce the stock that we have in our warehouse.  As serve as a bridge between CLC International and the Pyungkang Cheil Church pray, too, that God would help us to translate The Tabernacle and The History of Redemption series of books into more languages.  

Pray also for plans to publish ‘seasonal books’ for Christmas and Easter, and for ongoing changes to both the page and cover designs of our titles. 

Thursday - Korea: 

Praise God for the recent ‘Proclaim 2018’ conference at the Pyungkang Cheil Church that was attended by CLC teams from eight countries and helped to develop our publishing partnership.

Friday - Papua New Guinea: 

We praise God for a new ‘Fresh Food’ market that has opened on the same street as the bookshop here in Boroko, Port Moresby. The market has attracted lots of people who walk past us every day. It has been a great encouragement to have new people entering our shop every week as a result.

The Weekend - Myanmar:

Please pray for the ongoing projects that CLC Myanmar has had in mind for a long time but they have not yet been achieved—the building projects for a new warehouse facility and staff accommodation, and the opening of a second bookshop in Myanmar.

Week 52: Myanmar, Pakistan, The Philippines & Thailand

Monday - Myanmar:

Pray, too, for the ongoing publishing projects.  Most of our books are translated from English, so we need wisdom in the selection of the right titles and the competent staff to see the projects through to publication. 

Tuesday - Pakistan:

Please pray for Sohail Javed, that he would have the help and support he needs to maintain the ministry—covering the bookshop, the accounts, publishing and events. 

Wednesday - Pakistan: 

Please pray regarding plans CLC Pakistan has to publish two specific books in Urdu. They need to get the publishing rights and the finances in place for this important project to go ahead.

Thursday - The Philippines:

We would like to open a new bookstore within, or just outside, metro Manila. This would be an amazing area for outreach as it is a highly populated area.  However, finding a suitable place at an affordable rent is not easy. We would also like to buy a new and reliable van for our delivery and book mobile services. Please pray for God’s direction and provision in these matters.

Friday - Thailand:

Don and Betsy Velboom have been helping CLC Thailand for almost 3 years but were told recently that their visas were not valid for voluntary work in the bookshop. By the time you read this, we trust the situation will be resolved. Praise God for the new Thai lady managing the bookshop in the Veldboom’s absence—sales are up, especially of Bibles, and 10,000 tracts have gone out.

The Weekend - Thailand: 

Please pray for the ongoing, and complicated, situation regarding the sale of the previous shop property in Bangkok, which is owned by CLC. We really need to see a resolution in order to make progress in other areas.

Week 1: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia & Ecuador 

Monday – Bolivia:

Please pray with the team to find new ways of growing the work to the point of sustainability.  We look to the Lord for His direction and guidance.  Pray too for Gamaliel and Marlene Padilla in their concern for friends and family back home in Venezuela.    

Tuesday - Chile:

We are grateful to the Lord for being able to celebrate 40 years of bookshop ministry in Temuco. It is impossible to know the full impact of all the books and Bibles that have been distributed.  We are grateful for the support of pastors and leaders, the colporteurs and especially those with limited financial resources.  We thank the Lord for the Moreno Donoso family who initiated the work.

Wednesday - Colombia:

Join us in thanking God for the privilege we have to work in a number of prisons. We are blessed to be able to freely distribute Bibles to the prisoners. These Bibles have been very warmly received. 

Thursday - Colombia:

Please continue to pray for the sale of our Miami property.  Pray, too, for the many Thompson Bibles Seminars we are holding throughout different regions of Colombia. These events help to train pastors and teachers that do not have the opportunity to attend a Bible Seminary.

Friday - Colombia:

Praise God for the opportunity to establish a strategic partnership with Editorial Unilit to distribute our CLC Colombia publications throughout Latin America. Please also pray for our editorial team as it makes plans to develop a website specifically for our publishing house. 

The Weekend - Ecuador:

Thank the Lord that we have been able to continue with the Thompson Bible Seminars, the mobile work and the 15 book deposits on consignment.  This enables us to reach parts of the country beyond the bookshops.   

Week 2: Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay & Venezuela

Monday - Ecuador:

Please pray for continued stability in the economy and for the government to know how to handle the influx of Venezuelans fleeing the crisis situation in their country.   Pray, too, for the financial resources necessary to undertake the major project of building the new headquarters in Guayaquil. We thank the Lord for the possibilities of this new building that will enable us to expand our ministry in a number of ways. 

Tuesday - Mexico:

We thank the Lord for the growth in our sales and that we have been able to connect with a wide variety of church denominations and Bible Institutes via direct sales, book deposits and book tables at events.  Pray for more opportunities. 

Wednesday - Panama:

Thank you, Father, for the book tables we were able to hold at events throughout the year. We also give You praise for the many book deposits we now have throughout Panama.  These deposits allow people in areas without a Christian bookshop to find the Bibles and Christian resources they need locally. 

Thursday - Uruguay:

We thank God for His provision.  Despite the difficult economic climate and a volatile currency exchange rate, we are trusting the Lord for a 5% growth in real terms.  

Friday - Venezuela:

Please pray for the spiritual, political, social and economic renewal of our country. We need God to intervene in our nation as the crisis is so difficult to overcome.  Pray for the changes that are needed in the government for the situation to improve. Pray for protection and provision for the ministry of CLC – and all of the people that make up our team.   

The Weekend - Venezuela:

Please pray for the new National Director, Delvis Blanco, in his responsibilities at this time of great trial in Venezuela.

Week 3: Belarus, Bulgaria, & Central Asia (CA1 / CA2)

Monday - Belarus: 

We have been able to publish two children’s Bibles in the Belarussian language.  It is our dream that they will become available not only in our bookshop and church deposits, but that they would be available to the secular market as Belarus is largely an Orthodox country. 

Tuesday - Belarus: 

Pray for the development of the website.  It is complicated by the fact that it must be hosted in Belarus, making it difficult to be updated from the International Office. 

Wednesday - Central Asia (CA1): 

Please pray for a renewed interest in the books that we supply and that our customers will be prepared to pay a realistic price.  Pray, too, that the free evangelistic tracts, that we leave outside the shop, continue to be picked up by passers-by.  

Thursday - Bulgaria: 

Sales have decreased considerably, and we have had unexpected costs affecting our debt to suppliers and, sadly, our volunteer has left to start a regular job. We are going through a tough time, and we have a great need to hear what God is saying to us in this situation. We need to see some changes and pray that it will be done according to God’s will.

Friday - Central Asia (CA2): 

The bookshop relocated in 2018. The new location is good, and improvements to the interior were made straight away but permission for using it as a Christian bookshop took much longer than expected. Praise the Lord the situation started to resolve itself later in the year, and we are trading again.

The Weekend - Central Asia (CA2):

Please pray that we will continue to develop closer partnerships with churches and for the ongoing importation of Christian books into our country.

Week 4: Cyprus & France

Monday - Cyprus:

Our landlord sold the shop property to the bank to pay off a loan. According to European law, the bank now needs to sell the property within two to three years. This could mean we will need to leave. May the Lord rule in our favour in this situation.

Tuesday - Cyprus: 

One of our volunteers gave a New Testament and some other books to a young girl who has mental health struggles and epilepsy. In answer to our prayers, this young girl is now regularly attending church and a Bible study, and daily grows in her faith.

Wednesday- France: 

We are adding a large extension to our current warehouse as we need more space to stock the titles we distribute for our ministry and on behalf of other publishers. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom. 

Thursday - France: 

Like many teams, we are struggling to balance the books, and to find a way to do so without closing any shops.  However, it remains a challenge to find new ways of encouraging people to visit the shops when shopping online is so convenient.  Pray for God’s wisdom with regards to our shops and online stores.  

Friday- France:

Praise God that along with approximately fifteen book tables held at different events this past year, we also currently have fifty-five book deposits where people can purchase our books at central Christian locations throughout France. 

The Weekend - France: 

We have continued to increase our publishing programme with a wide range of titles.  The bestselling of all our publications is the Bible, which was published with a view to making affordable editions available in Africa.

Week 5: Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands & Poland

Monday - Germany:

We were concerned that our landlord wanted to redevelop his property and we started looking for somewhere else to rent. Praise the Lord we have been told that work can’t start until 2022 so, for the moment, the pressure is off, and we can make some improvements of our own, like a coffee area, and take our time in planning a longer-term strategy. 

Tuesday - Hungary:

Please pray that we would find more relevant and good titles to publish for our readers. Pray, too, that we will be able to reach a much wider audience with our books and ministry. 

Wednesday - Italy:

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to participate once again in the Turin International Book Fair 2018. There were over 144,000 visitors, and we had many contacts. We also had two public conferences that gave us a lot of visibility. Thank God for every committed volunteer and all the staff. Please pray for more capable and willing volunteers who can help with these activities.

Thursday - Italy & Netherlands:

Praise God for the evangelism project in Florence, Italy, being led by Rudy Kuijer (CLC Global Mobilizer) and CLC Italy. Many tourists line up outside the shop to see Michelangelo’s statue of David, so it is an ideal location for outreach. Contact and participation between local Dutch and Italian pastors is growing, and CLC is working hard to unite them in their ministry.

Friday - Netherlands: 

Please pray for clear guidance from God in setting priorities, selecting new titles to publish, approaching new ministries to cooperate with us, and searching for new people to help us in the ministry worldwide.

The Weekend - Poland:

Praise God for our publishing projects and pray that we will be able to distribute our books more effectively through Catholic bookshops than at present.

Week 6:  Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia & Spain

Monday - Poland:

Please pray for clarity of purpose and unity of vision for our team. 

Tuesday - Portugal:

Please pray for a legal immigration document that Vinicyus Fortes is waiting for to allow him to live and work officially in Portugal. This would benefit both Vinicyus and CLC. Pray, too, for continued good sales and better profit margins, which will help with a salary for a part-time staff member and in reaching more people in our country to God’s glory.

Wednesday - Romania:

Following on from the writing of this report, we praise God that the website is now functioning, and we are seeing both an upturn in sales and renewed interest from our customers.  Please pray with us that we will learn new online marketing strategies that will enable us to reach out more effectively with the website.

Thursday - Russia:

Please pray for wisdom in the decision regarding a new sales outlet.  Moscow is a huge city, and the location of the new outlet will be crucial.  Pray for the necessary financial and human resources to make this a reality. 

Friday - Spain:

Pray with us that we can continue to grow the relationship with local churches.  We are planning events in our bookshops to provide encounters between different groups and to become a Christian cultural centre.  

The Weekend - Spain:

Pray for our new relationship with the Bible Society in which we have entered into a distribution agreement and fulfil the orders on their website.  It is good to work closely with like-minded ministries.

Week 7:  Switzerland, United Kingdom & Benin

Monday - Switzerland:

Please pray for wisdom regarding the relocation of the shop. Pray, too, that the Lord would open the doors at the right time. 

Tuesday- Switzerland:

Please pray for developing relationships with the churches in the region.  CLC Lugano is in the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland, and the majority of our stock is in Italian. 

Wednesday - United Kingdom:

Praise the Lord for the team members that the Lord is bringing to us. Our people are our greatest asset. 

Thursday - United Kingdom:

Pray for the vision to see the new opportunities that the Lord wants us to become involved in. The world has changed and continues to change, so our methods must change. But the Gospel remains the same. Words written in the Bible 2,000−3,000 years ago still touch the human heart. Pray for opportunities to hold out the ‘Word of Life’.

Friday - Benin:

We often ask God to help us cope with challenges, and He always does! Many times, our landlord has considered selling the land on which our bookshop stands but, praise God, he changes his mind every time we pray.  

The Weekend - Benin:

Please continue to pray that the Lord will bring about the opportunity for us to own our own property, and that we would find new ways to future-proof our ministry.

Week 8:  Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire & Kenya 

Monday - Burkina Faso:

Our prayer is that we can be faithful with the loan repayments and do everything on time, and that, at the same time, the Lord will lift the ministry back up again so that we can really be an influence for the Gospel in our country. 

Tuesday - Burkina Faso:

Now our previous customers are finding us again, after two changes of location. We would value prayer for increasing numbers of new customers as well.

Wednesday - Côte d’Ivoire:

Please pray for the CLC shop, staff and the general situation in Bouake as well as the rest of the country. There are currently many political rumours going around, causing a lot of fear and a slowdown in sales. As a result of the predictions that are circulating, people are not willing to spend because they are afraid of possible unrest and attacks. May God protect us and our families. 

Thursday - Côte d’Ivoire: 

Please join us in praying for a spiritual revival in our country.

Friday - Kenya:

Please pray for the newly launched Authors Club through which we hope to give potential authors the training, encouragement and platform for them to publish their works.  It is particularly important that a voice is given to African authors.  Print-on-Demand and our in-house services can help make this a reality.

The Weekend - Kenya: 

Please pray for the initiatives that CLC Kenya has, like the Training/Book programmes, that we will find the right resources and partners with whom we can work to achieve our mandate.

Week 9:  Liberia, Sierra Leone & Mozambique

Monday - Liberia:

Please pray for the distribution of the Africa Study Bible. Pray that this unique resource will be used by many pastors and church leaders, to help them deliver Bible-based but culturally relevant scriptural applications to their congregations.

Tuesday - Liberia:

Please continue to pray for economic stability for CLC Liberia and for more ministry opportunities in other accessible towns and cities outside of Monrovia.

Wednesday - Sierra Leone:

Please continue to pray for our nation as we are transitioning from one government to another. Pray that the Lord will use this new government to bring great transformation in the lives of Sierra Leoneans. 

Thursday - Sierra Leone:

Please pray that we would find good national Christian authors who would benefit from publishing via our Print-on-Demand services. Although we want to offer other services, this is the main objective for the POD department. 

Friday - Mozambique:

We have been trying to increase our contact with different seminaries around the country in the hope of supplying their libraries.  We have had a measure of success, but there is room for more. The disappointing thing is that in many cases, there is a lack of funding to buy the books. Please pray.

The Weekend - Mozambique: 

Please praise and thank God with us for the provision of the funding for the 10,000 Bibles! Pray that we can sell all the Bibles within a two-year period. The idea is that with the monies raised, we can repeat the project and it becomes self-sustaining.