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2017 - Around the CLC World

Join us in celebrating what the Lord has done this year!


  • In October 2016, CLC Colombia’s warehouse was robbed of more than 13,000 Bibles, yet we thank God that by the New Year, their insurance company had covered 92% of the theft. 
  • Despite the challenging economic situation across Latin America, at the end of January, CLC Bolivia shared that their annual sales for 2016 were up by 6%!
  • Praise God that Emmanuel Ledayo from Benin was recently elected to be the CLC French West Africa Director for CLC Benin, CLC Burkina Faso and CLC Côte d’Ivoire.


  • This year, CLC Switzerland has been working with one of its customers to provide and promote good Christian audiobooks via a programme run by the National Blind Association.  We thank the Lord for opportunities like these. 
  • Thanks be to God that CLC Portugal and the Portugal Bible Society have been able to partner together in new ways this year, better supporting each other.
  • CLC Barbados is grateful for donations received from CLC USA and CLC UK as well as a loan from CLC Colombia. These funds enabled them to do much-needed shop repairs and renovations. 


  • Photo from the ASB LaunchAlong with Oasis International, CLC Kenya launched the Africa Study Bible in March 2017, and it attracted key church leaders and stakeholders in Kenya. The team also established a publishing department this year, accomplishing their annual goals six months early!  *Photo from the ASB Launch
  • CLC Panama held their first Reading Circle for Children this month, and they ask for prayer that the children who attended will continue to grow closer to God. 
  • CLC Hungary is thankful for the opportunity to host the recent CLC European Leaders Conference in Budapest.  It was an incredible time of sharing, learning and worshiping God together. 
  • Although CLC Japan continues to struggle financially, we thank God for His continued provision, allowing them to keep their shops open. 


  • CLC Cyprus is very thankful to God for the many young people who are expressing a hunger and love for God’s Word! The team has also been involved in importing foreign Bibles for many international churches on the island this year. 
  • CLC Indonesia gives thanks to God for the two pastors’ conferences they provided bookstalls for this year.  Five hundred pastors attended the first event, and the team donated a much-needed free book to each one for their ministry.  Many helpful Gospel tracts were also given to pastors at both conferences for distribution in their areas. 
  • CLC Ecuador recently moved to a larger bookshop in Quito that also has a conference room for meetings and counselling. This has been a real blessing for the team and customers alike.


  • We are very thankful to God for his protection of CLC Germany during the G20 meetings as protesters caused a lot of damage near the shop. The CLC team used their window displays for evangelisation at this time and were very encouraged that people took notice. 
  • Praise God that the first ‘local’ director for CLC Central Asia (CA2) was elected this month.  May God continue to bless and direct this team.
  • Thank God for the protection of CLC Chile and its team from  the devastating forest fires during May. Please pray for the CLC team as they continue to find ways to help those struggling. 


  • Praise God for the safe arrival and implementation of the new Print-on-Demand system for CLC Sierra Leone. The team also completed their training programme this month!  * Team Photo
  • Asia Pacific Regional Director Romualdo Macinas and Mark Ridenour (CLC USA) applied for a grant this month that would enable CLC Indonesia to have a Print-on-Demand system. In September, this grant was approved.  Praise God with us!
  • CLC Netherlands’ publishing efforts have really grown this year as the Lord helped them to release five new titles! 
  • For many years, CLC Spain has been struggling financially, yet a single order that came in via their website this summer came to a total of 850 Euros! Praise God for His provision.  This online order also followed significant orders that they had just received from CLC Portugal and CLC Italy. What a blessing to be part of a family that supports one another.


  • Despite the ongoing economic struggles facing CLC Venezuela, we thank the Lord that as yet, no bookshops have had to close. This has been a huge blessing and encouragement to staff and customers as just buying basic necessities has been a real struggle for everyone. 
  • Although CLC Austria’s doors closed in 2016, they donated much of their shelving to CLC Romania.  Praise the Lord that the Brasov shop received a much-needed renovation this summer. 

  • This summer, Rudy Kuijer (CLC International Office) assisted the CLC Italy team in Florence with a week of evangelism both in and just outside of their shop. Located near the Accademia Gallery, thousands of tourists line up in front of the CLC bookshop each day waiting their turn to view Michelangelo’s statue, David. What an incredible opportunity! 
  • ​We thank the Lord for the impact CLC Trinidad and Tobago teams seem to be having on the youth in their area. With CLC’s guidance, one of these young adults has now become a member of CLC, sharing God’s love with other youth who enter the shop. 


  • Although a challenging year, CLC Papua New Guinea was grateful for the opportunity to have a three-day bookstall for school children this month. It was well-received, with the younger primary children enjoying it the most. 
  • CLC UK launched their new retail website this month that deliberately focused on our bookshops and their customers, enabling features like ‘Click and Collect.’ The team are also grateful for the continued growth in their warehouse sales. 
  • Praise the Lord that Sohail Javed was elected as the new National Director for ELS/CLC Pakistan.


  • Following the devastating earthquakes this month, CLC Mexico raised funds to provide a love offering, clothing and food items for victims. Through a gift from the CLC International Office, the Mexican team was also able to purchase a vehicle, allowing them to begin a mobile ministry to rural areas in 2018. 
  • Praise the Lord for the encouraging feedback CLC Poland has been receiving in regards to its recent publications. Many customers have been returning to buy copies of these books for their loved ones. 
  • CLC Thailand is currently raising the initial funds to print and ship 3,000 copies of an easy-to-read Bible in Thai. We are so thankful to God for the Bible League who did the translation. CLC Korea are helping to arrange both the printing and shipping. Praise God for partnerships like these!
  • Praise God that CLC Bulgaria was also able to launch its new retail CLC website this year. May God continue to direct Bulgarians searching for Christian resources to this site. 


  • CLC Philippines celebrated its 60th anniversary this year and, despite a rough year health-wise for the team, they continued to proclaim that our God is Forever Faithful as their annual theme.
  • We thank God that both the CLC Antigua and CLC Barbados teams were able to partner with OM’s ship, Logos Hope, when it visited their island this year.
  • We are so thankful for the publishing opportunities that have enabled CLC Russia and CLC Belarus to partner together.
  • CLC USA reports that after incorporating Multi-Language Media’s ministry into CLC last year, this department’s growth has been a real blessing to see. 
  • Thanks to the incredible response from donors at CLC USA’s innovative Fundraising Banquet this month, CLC Liberia will now be able to launch the Africa Study Bible with Oasis International in 2018.       


  • CLC Canada’s financial situation improved radically this year when they were able to break-even in their annual sales by November!  What an encouragement for the team.
  • In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, CLC France held three conferences at their warehouse this year.  The final event held in November was to also celebrate ten years of having their warehouse located in Montélimar. 
  • CLC Dominica was finally able to reopen this month after the devastating Hurricane Maria, thanks in part to gifts received from CLC Trinidad, CLC USA and Lifeway Global Resources.
  • In an effort to help those seeking Christian resources in the Purasawalkam district of Chennai, CLC India is planning to construct a showroom in their warehouse in the New Year.  We thank God for this team’s vision.


  • CLC Belarus was honoured to run the bookstall at an event devoted to celebrating the 500th anniversary of the printed Belarus Bible. Nick Vujicic was the key speaker!
  • Through the support of many CLC teams and supporters around the world, CLC Mozambique received 10,000 copies this month of the new Bible for Everyone Portuguese Bible. Thank you Jesus!   * Photo of Liz Patten and Petra Nemansky the new Portuguese Bibles (Christmas Bible Tree).
  • To create a secondary income to better support the ministry of CLC Central Asia (CA1), the team decided to convert the back area of the shop into an apartment. Praise God for innovative ideas such as this!  Please pray that God will provide the right tenant. 
  • Breaking news! Asia Pacific Regional Director Romualdo Macinas and Mark Ridenour (CLC USA) have just applied for a grant that would enable CLC Venezuela to have a Print-on-Demand system. Please pray that these funds will be approved.  Thank you, Father for our many partners around the world who have been so faithful in supporting CLC’s ministry. 
  • We also give thanks to God for the join effort between CLC Myanmar and CLC Korea that has allowed them to publish this month an initial 10,000 copies of the Myanmar Study Bible, the first ever in the Burmese language!