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On-going projects around the CLC World

Books CHANGE lives - let's make a difference together with God's Word!

Here are just a few on-going projects around the CLC World:


CLC Spanish Bible Project 

At the moment, CLC International is raising funds for the CLC Spanish Bible Project. There’s a huge need for affordable Bibles in Venezuela, Bolivia and Spain! These three countries have been severely affected by the economic crisis and/or political and social turmoil. Printing and purchasing even an economic Bible in these countries is often a financial burden, precisely at a time that the Word of God needs to be distributed widely. In particular, CLC is still able to get Christian books and Bibles into Venezuela, which is going from one crisis to another. The time to act is now. Click here to read more...

Print-on-Demand’ systems for CLC Kenya, Myanmar and the Philippines:

Christian books CHANGE lives, but making sure they are available and affordable is always a challenge!  ‘Print-on-Demand’ (POD) systems  are key to seeing areas challenged by shipping and publishing costs thrive in the future.  As the name suggests, this machine prints, collates, covers, and binds a single book in just a few minutes. (These systems generally cost upwards of £12,000.)

Russian Bibles for Belarus / Bookshop for Minsk, Belarus:

CLC Belarus is able to publish beautiful Russian Bibles within their own country for approximately £5 each.
The availability of these affordable Bibles is making a huge impact on outreach ministries within Belarus and Russia.

‘Sola Scriptura’ for Mozambique

The Bible for Everyone – a Bible written in an everyday language. This version of the Bible is perfect for a project that seeks to make the Word of God available to the widest possible number of people. Our Goal is to Enable 10,000 Mozambicans to have their own Bible.

Support a CLC UK missionary

Many of our team members are either supported as ‘faith-based’ missionaries or are living on a very low income because they believe so strongly in God’s calling for them with CLC.  Supporting your local CLC team really can make all the difference to our ministry in your community and around the world! 

Support a specific CLC country or project:

CLC countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Burkina Faso, Cyprus, Dominica, Liberia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Spain are just a few of our ministries that are currently facing what sometimes seem like ‘overwhelming’  challenges or have projects in need of funds.