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CLC World Magazine Cover 2021-02

The year 2020 was full of challenges due to Covid-19; on the other hand, 2020 also was an “aha” moment for CLC. This year God has spoken to us very clearly regarding using technology (internet) to distribute God’s Word to the nations. This reminded me of Luke 22:35-36 when Jesus gathered his disciples together to commission them.

Jesus asked his disciples: “’When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered.’” Then Jesus continues on, and, in the following sentence, He used two key words, “but now”. In this second commissioning is where Jesus explicitly challenges His disciples to use the things that they were not previously authorised to use.

The message did not change, neither did the messenger, but the “but now” specifically refers to a new way they should do things - a new strategy. In this new scenario, it was essential for the disciples to remember that God had been faithful. Even when the disciples were sent without resources and with severe limitations, they did not lack anything. This is the message that His disciples must never forget - that despite the limitations and the lack of resources, God will provide. In this new strategy, the commissioner, the call, and the message are still the same as well as the provider, but the way we do things is different from what we are used to. Amazingly, in 2020, while our distribution through bookstores decreased due to the pandemic, CLC’s global online distribution almost doubled.

Today, our new normal will require us to immerse ourselves in technology; it is not optional for us. This is the “but now” for CLC; it is the new strategy. God is encouraging us to use all the available channels to share the Good News. This does not mean that we will abandon our strategy of operating bookstores wherever and whenever conditions permit. It means that apart from the physical bookstores where we serve the public that is willing to visit us, we will also have online bookstores open 24/7 for people to access them from a remote location so that the purpose of CLC is accomplished:

The purpose of CLC is to honour God by making Christian literature and resources available to all nations to help people come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is our “aha” moment!

Gerardo Scalante
CLC International Director

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