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Neil WardropeAs you probably realise, CLC is an extremely diverse group of people. Operating in 46 countries, with national workers in each of them, alongside a smaller number of cross-cultural workers, CLC is made up of many nations, languages and church backgrounds. We come together under a shared vision to help people on their spiritual journey through the Bibles, books and Christian resources that we distribute.

We make a concerted effort to maintain friendship and the shared vision in a wide variety of ways, not least through the regional conferences that are organised.

In recent months these gatherings have taken place in the Americas, Africa and Asia. In this edition you will be able to read of the experience of some of the delegates that met in Seoul, South Korea.

For readers in the UK, you will discover that a major change has taken place. CLC UK has merged with the Kingsway Trust to become the Kingsway CLC Trust. You can read about this on page 21. You will not notice any change in your local bookshop or on the website, and that is deliberate. However, we have the conviction that we should partner with like-minded organisations to achieve the mandate God has given us.

Finally, an update regarding our Spanish Bible Project. Thank you for all those who have supported this initiative to enable us to send out 45.000 Bibles to Venezuela, Bolivia and Spain. They are now being distributed into some very needy situations. Venezuela continues to suffer economic and social upheaval, and there have been major political demonstrations in Bolivia, resulting in a general strike. Around 90% of the cost of these Bible has now come in, but please feel free to continue to support this great project.

Thank you for your support of CLC – praying, purchasing, donating.

Neil Wardrope

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