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2016 CLC World - Issue 1

Praise God that we are able to impact thousands of lives daily with incredible Christian resources in over 50 countries around the world!
Welcome to CLC World! This free mission magazine enables us to share with you, our faithful supporters, current news, testimonies, as well as prayer and praise points, illustrating how we are daily impacting thousands of lives in over 50 countries.
As I’m sitting here writing, the news is filled with stories about the attacks on places like Paris and Kenya, and I am once again reminded that we were never meant to deal with life and its problems on our own—and thank God for that!
CLC teams are meeting hundreds or thousands of people daily in their High Street shops. We are all looking for answers and help that only God can provide, and our teams hope to share His love and provision with every one. This may be through discussions, prayers or our amazing selection of resources. Please do continue to remember these teams in your prayers!
Throughout this issue, we’ve chosen to highlight resources that we hope will remind you that ‘you are not alone’. It is also our hope that they will encourage  you to make a fresh start with God—no matter what challenges or fears you are facing! Always remember that it is never too late to make a fresh start with God!
In these uncertain times, I don’t think Timothy Keller’s first daily devotional, My Rock; My Refuge, could have been more aptly titled! This book
of daily devotions, which are based on the Psalms, is sure to be an encouragement, no matter what your circumstances. Let it remind you that
spending time in God’s Word, ’ like a person building a house who digs deep and lays the foundation on solid rock. When the floodwaters rise and break against that house, it stands firm because it is well built.’ (Luke 6:48 NLT)