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Forever Grateful - Celebrating 75 years of CLC

United by a common purpose, CLC has worked tirelessly for 75 years to advance the Kingdom of God by making Christian literature and other resources available to the nations.

Browse a little bit of CLC history and see how God has started working in each country, how the work has impacted the local communities and read just a few of the many 'forever thankful' moments and testimonies:


Looking back with Neil Wardrope 

CLC International Director (2004-2016)

I firmly believe that you do not know where you are going to unless you know where you have come from. So where has CLC come from? My personal memory only goes back to 1993, but we have the testimonies and stories of those who went before. A selection are included in this anniversary magazine.

The core values of CLC—faith, holiness, sacrifice and fellowship—reflect the commitment of the early missionaries to the task of taking Bibles and Christian books to ‘all nations’. (...) CLC has had the privilege and responsibility of sharing in the distribution of the Word of God, the Bible, and we have seen the incredible impact on people’s lives. It is a great joy that in this digital age, the Bible continues to be distributed in ever greater numbers. (...)

In our 75th year we can say that God has enabled CLC to work in 75 different countries, most still functioning, while some have closed and others have been passed on to other ministries. This reflects the commitment and gifting of hundreds of people from around the world, enabling great Christian books to be distributed in dozens of languages. To God be the Glory!