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Belief in a God you Can’t See

Belief in a God you Can’t See

CLC Korea wins the 2018 CLC Book Cover Design of the Year award

CLC Korea wins the 2018 CLC Book Cover Design of the Year award

CLC Prayer Focus March 2019 - May 2019

March - Week 10: Prayer & Praise

Monday (4th) - France: 

Last year, CLC France made an offer to buy the company, 7ici. 7ici already has a Paris Christian bookshop that opened in 1944 and two websites. At the time of writing, and after much prayer, discussion and thought on behalf of both CLC and 7ici, the offer has been accepted. The company will probably be fully integrated into CLC by the beginning of April. 

Praise God for this opportunity to keep an established bookshop open in Paris, and please pray for all the many final details of the integration to be worked out over the next few weeks. 

Tuesday (5th) - CLC Africa Regional Director: 

"I will be doing a lot of travelling in the months of March and April and will be away from home for seven consecutive weeks. This will begin with participation in the conferences of CLC Chile (second week in March) and CLC Europe (last week of March), where I will be given much-valued opportunities to present the ministry in Africa. Please pray that I will be able to do that in a way that bears fruit in accordance with God's will and for His glory." Liz Patten 

Wednesday (6th) - Russia: 

A short, but wonderful, praise point from Nikita Sapunov, CLC Russia: "2018 was the first year that CLC Russia's publishing department ended with a profit. Please rejoice with us!" 

Thursday (7th) - Thailand: 

Recently, a missionary visited the bookshop in Chiang Mai, looking for material for the people with whom he shares the Gospel. This customer also asked the shop staff to give an Easy-to-Read Thai Bible to Eddy, the tuk tuk driver who brought him to the bookshop. The staff gave Eddy the Bible with a bookmark placed at the beginning of John's Gospel and an encouragement to start reading from there. What a joy to see Eddy sitting in his tuk tuk reading God's Word for the first time! 

Friday (8th) - Sierra Leone: 

"We thank God for our new Admin and Finance Officer, Desmond Pearce, who is passionate about his work for the CLC ministry. Desmond studied in the UK and then returned home and worked for various organisations. He joined the CLC ministry in August 2018. We are grateful to God for His provision of a committed labourer when we needed one." Donald John, National Director 

The Weekend (9th/10th}- Kenya: 

"Following a visit from some of the International Office team in December 2018, there is much that we need to put in place. This first quarter of 2019 has been a critical time for us for the implementation of the feedback. We pray that we will not grow weary in doing what is right in the second quarter, and that we continue to get the right workers and partners to get everything done." Muthoni Omukhango for CLC Kenya 

March - Week 11: Some Major Events

Monday (11th) - 'Biker Bibles': 

All this week (March 8-17), there is an international gathering of Bikers in Daytona, Florida. Over 500,000 motorcyclists are expected to attend this annual event. At the time of writing, CLC USA, through its Multi­Language Media arm, has joined up with some other Christian organisations to raise funds for 20,000 (10,000 more than originally planned) Biker Bibles to hand out at the event. The Bible is a New Testament and includes Bikers' testimonies.

Please pray for Jim Pitman and David Desch from CLC USA as they spend the week with the Bikers. 

Tuesday (12th) - London Book Fair: 

The London Book Fair (March 12-14) is a major secular event for the publishing world with attendees from around the world. This is a good opportunity for us to connect with a wide variety of publishers and hear about new projects. It is also a time to hear about the ongoing changes in the publishing world. 

Wednesday (13th) - CLC Europe Regional Director: 

Please pray for Gary Chamberlin, CLC European Director, as he has some very busy days ahead (following busy months of preparation!) with various conferences for CLC European leaders and other CLC members. Pray for peace, strength, wisdom and God's guidance in the matters to be discussed and decided on. 

Thursday (14th) - European Christian Rights Fair (ECPAJ, Fair 1: 

On March 18 and 19, CLC delegates from 17 countries (11 European countries plus delegates from other parts of the world, including Korea, Colombia, India and Myanmar) will be attending the ECPA in Krakow, Poland. Please pray for all those travelling to this event. May they arrive ready to benefit fully from all that has been arranged. Please pray, too, for the staff in their respective CLC teams while the leaders are away. 

Friday (15th) - European Christian Rights Fair (ECPA), Fair 2: 

This annual meeting is specifically for Christian publishers to meet with mostly US publishers and representatives to learn of new titles coming onto the market and to secure rights for foreign translations. 

Please pray for good contacts with the publishers and that our CLC countries can find the right titles to translate into their native languages. Pray, too, that those titles, when published, will be effective in bringing people to Christ and helping them mature in their faith in the Lord Jesus. 

The Weekend (16th/17th) - Mozambique: 

The Serving Pastors and Leaders (SEPAL) organisation will be holding its first conference in Maputo at the end of March. CLC has agreed to be a partner in this event. Abel Chau, CLC Maputo, will be speaking at two of the smaller group meetings, including one on the theme of How the Bible Came to Us. CLC is also handling registrations for the event. The conference will be held in the seminary where we have our bookshop, so we hope that this will also promote sales of the great books that we have! 

March Week 12: More Important Events 

Monday (18th) - Techie Workshop: 

From March 21 to 26, a number of the European CLC 'Techies' who are involved with the CLC International Websites will be meeting in Krakow, Poland, for further training. Cristi Cotovan, the Web Developer for CLC International, will be leading the workshops. Please pray for these sessions and for Cristi, Travis, Ivano, Pierre and Wilco as they work together to improve their own capabilities and to learn about important aspects and updates regarding the CLC websites. 

Tuesday (19th)-Publishing Training 1: 

From March 20 to 22, CLC delegates from 17 countries will be attending seminars related to publishing. CLC is pursuing its goal to double CLC global publishing in 10 years, and these seminars and training sessions are part of that project. Praise God for the great progress made so far and for the thousands of books CLC has published in many languages over the past 75 years. 

Wednesday (20th)- Publishing Training 2: 

While some of the CLC countries, such as Korea and Colombia, already have a lot of experience in publishing, many others have only begun in the last few years and still need effective training and input so that their publishing will be to a high standard. 

From selecting a title to the translation, editing and layout of the text, we need to do it all with excellence. Please pray that the three days of training (March 20-22) will result in good quality Christian books being made available. 

Thursday (21st) - European Leaders' Conference - Delegates and Devotionals: 

From March 23 to 26, CLC delegates will be meeting from 14 European countries for the CLC European Leaders' Conference in Krakow, Poland. The devotional speaker will be William MacKenzie, accompanied by his wife Carine, who is a best-selling author of children's books. 

Please pray that these days will be motivational, encouraging and a blessing to all of the participants. May they be renewed and refreshed from hearing the Word and from the times of prayer and fellowship. 

Friday (22nd)- CLC European Leaders' Conference- Regional Directors: 

All of the CLC Regional Directors (RDs) will be present at the European Leaders' Conference. Please pray for the leadership of CLC, including those who have very widespread responsibilities for CLC, both internationally and regionally. These are the leaders: 

Gary Chamberlin (CLC Europe), Liz Patten (CLC Africa), Romualdo Macinas (CLC Asia), Humberto Urrutia (CLC Latin America) and Scalante (acting RD CLC North America and the Caribbean). 

The Weekend (23rd/24th) - CLC European Leaders' Conference - International Director: 

Gerardo Scalante, the CLC International Director (ID), will be giving daily seminars on how the four key words ­Accountability, Transparency, Innovation and Sustainability-need to be impacting our CLC ministry. Please pray for Gerardo that these words that hold so much meaning will speak to the hearts and minds of the CLC staff. 

March Week 13: Projects & Plans 

Monday (25th) - Germany: 

"At the end of the month, we have plans for two days of events in the Hamburg bookshop. On the 29 March, a German author, singer and songwriter, Jens Boettcher, will be in the shop, reading from his latest book. This man is well known in Germany, and a lot of visitors are expected. 

On the 30 March, there will be a meeting open to all who want to think and talk about living as a Christian in the future. Pray that this would encourage those who want to follow Jesus but are not sure where they fit in some of the traditional church set-ups." Valentin Schweigler, National Director 

Tuesday (26th) - The Spanish Bible Project: 

Please pray for a major International Office project that is underway. The plan is to raise funds to provide affordable Bibles to help three specific countries struggling with political and social upheaval and/or economic hardship: Venezuela, Spain and Bolivia. 

Praise the Lord for donations that have already gone a long way towards this goal and pray for blessing-that this project will make a huge difference for CLC in these countries and will impact tens of thousands of lives. 

Wednesday (27th)- Mexico: 

"As a team, we in CLC Mexico have been meeting together to pray, seeking God for guidance in our plans for 2019. We have various events lined up, including a Thompson Bible Seminar from March 28 to 30 and, on April 5, we will hold our very first conference for booksellers and colporteurs." Maria del Carmen Castaneda, National Director 

Thursday (28th) - Mozambique: 

"We continue to be encouraged by feedback from those who purchase and distribute the BPT ('Bible for All' as per our fund-raising project in 2017). The Bibles have gone as far north as Nampula province, where several were gifted to begin apprentice training on a chicken-raising project! And in Maputo, one young man who was given the Bible as a gift whilst in hospital, said that it was the most beautiful present he received in his whole life. These stories bring us great joy and encourage us to continue praying for the remaining 7,000 Bibles to be purchased and distributed throughout the country." Liz Patten, National Director 

Friday (29th) - Benin/Togo: 

"It is really on our heart to re-open the ministry of CLC in neighbouring Togo, which sadly had to close a few years ago. We maintain some connections there in Lome, the capital, and we are sure there is a need. Please pray with us for the necessary funding, for a suitable location, for personnel and, of course, for the right timing." Emmanuel Ladeyo, National Director 

The Weekend (30th/31st) - Russia: 

"We have started two big publishing projects for CLC Russia: The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell and 10 volumes of The History of Redemption series by Rev. Abraham Park. These are the first major projects for our new publishing department, so we have a strong sense of dependency on the Lord in these matters. Please pray with us." Nikita Sapunov, National Director 

April - Week 14: Visas, Leases & Properties 

Monday (1st) - CLC Africa Regional Director: 

"At the beginning of April, I anticipate visiting Ivory Coast and Benin, together with Bernhard Koecke of CLC France. Emmanuel Ladeyo, the Director for CLC in French West Africa, will join us for the visit to Ivory Coast. 

I would also like to visit Burkina Faso, but it is complicated for me to obtain a visa. Please pray for a solution to this, and that our visits to these countries will be a blessing and an encouragement to the local teams." Liz Patten 

Tuesday (2nd) - Portugal: 

Carlos Cunha, the Director for CLC in Portugal, asks for prayer for his Brazilian co-worker, Vinicyus, who needs a visa to allow him to settle long term in Portugal-and to drive in the country. We prayed for this last year and, although the visa was turned down at the time, Vinicyus has continued to help CLC and hopes for the visa to be granted. He will have a meeting with the immigration authorities on April 24. It would be wonderful for him, and for CLC, if the visa were granted this time. 

Wednesday (3rd) - Kenya: 

At the time of writing, the rent for the CLC building in Nairobi is due to increase in March. In order to manage the overheads, the team plans to move the warehouse to a different location, open a retail outlet in an area where there is much more footfall and move the POD facility to the outskirts of Nairobi. Please pray that God would lead and direct all these decisions and that, in His time and according to His will, it might be possible to purchase a property to give more security and stability to the ministry. 

Thursday (4th) - Thailand: 

This prayer request has been mentioned before, and it is an increasing concern as so much depends on it for the future of CLC in Thailand. Please pray for a miracle-for a buyer for our CLC-owned property in Bangkok, and that the sale would proceed without further complications and delay. 

Friday (5th)- Benin: 

"We continue to have rent issues with our shop in Cotonou. For some years now, we have been praying that God would open a way for us to have our own premises. If you are a regular user of Prayer Focus, then you will recognise this topic! 

We have not seen an answer to this need yet, and it is something very important for the future of the ministry. With God, everything is possible! Please join with us in petitioning the Father!" Emmanuel Ladeyo, National Director 

The Weekend (6th/7th) - France: 

Praise the Lord, CLC France has a vibrant and growing wholesale department. Currently, the building is being extended again. Praise the Lord that there is space available to do this as well! Please pray that the building work, covering about 530 square metres, will be completed in good time and without too much disruption to normal activities. 

April - Week 15: Shops & Staff 

Monday (8th) - USA & Switzerland: 

Sadly, the CLC bookshop in Moorestown (New Jersey, USA) closed down at the end of March. Please pray for the staff who worked in the bookshop, that they will see God's provision for them and guidance for their futures. The CLC bookshop in Lugano-Agno (Switzerland) has been going through difficulties for some time, and the decision has been made to close it. For now, the owners of the premises have kindly dropped the rent significantly. This will allow us to stay open for a few more months while efforts are made to strengthen local partnerships that could help reduce costs even further. We ask for prayer that the ministry might continue in some way in Luga no. 

Tuesday (9th)- France: 

Aline joined the team in CLC Lille last October. She is on a nine-month Civic Service contract, and it is her first job. Although it has been a steep learning curve, she has settled in well, is a valuable help for Ruth Williams (the bookshop manager) and she loves the Lord. Praise God for this provision, and please pray for a replacement for Aline when she leaves in June-maybe another young person on Civic Service. 

Wednesday (10th) - Netherlands: 

Please pray for Bertus Keuter, the Director for CLC Netherlands. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of this year. Praise the Lord that despite its not being a very common form of cancer, there was no sign of spread. Surgery to remove part of his right lung was carried out. Please pray for a full and complete recovery for Bertus. 

Thursday (11th) - Belarus: 

There has been a need for more staff on the team in Belarus for a while. In February, a young man, Daniel, was taken on part-time for an initial probation period. Praise the Lord for the skills he brings with him. Pray that he will develop those skills specifically for his work with publications and communications. 

Pray for the whole CLC team as they run the bookshop in Brest and maintain active publishing work, too. Lina Pinkevich is the National Director. 

Friday (12th) - Central Asia (CA2): 

"The CLC bookshop in 'CA2' relocated last year. Although not all our previous customers have visited the new shop, we are grateful for many who have and for the much busier street location. However, we still need to see a growth in sales. Praise the Lord for bringing in folk willing to talk about the Lord with other customers, and pray for more openings for book tables, particularly in schools, and for more special orders to help cover expenses." The National Director 

The Weekend (13th/14th) - Romania & Italy: 

Please pray for CLC in Romania and Italy where key members of staff have left or are leaving because they are getting married and moving away! 

In Brasov, Romania, Andreea Mocanu started work on the website, replacing Ema Juganaru, but it is getting increasingly difficuIt to recruit suitable staff in a country where many skilled workers are leaving, or plan to leave, the country. 

At the time of writing, the bookshop in Milan, Italy was without a manager. Praise God for Tatiana who has been helping in the shop during this period, but she is also getting married and moving. Hopefully, by this month, there will be new staff for the bookshop. Please pray that these staffing needs will be met. 

April - Week 16: CLC Publishing

Monday (15th) - Poland: 

"CLC Poland is increasingly putting emphasis on its publishing programme, and this is having an impact across the country. Upcoming titles include Multiply by Francis Chan and the books Mary, Mother of God? and Papacy by Leonardo De Chirico. We have also just secured the rights for the bestseller, Goliath Must Fall, by Louie Giglio. Please pray that we will continue to find a wider audience and new channels of distribution for these books and the 40 other titles already in print. 

Pray also for a convenient storage place because the back of our shop is becoming too full!" Gary Chamberlin for CLC Poland 

Tuesday (16th) - Multi-Language Booklet: 

For several years, CLC has desired to find a good evangelistic booklet to publish in multiple languages. Over the coming months, the booklet, Belief in a God You Can't See, by Bart Larson will be published in at least 10 different languages, including French, Italian, Korean and Spanish. Please pray that this booklet of about 90 pages will not only sell well, but also have a strong impact in people's lives to bring them to Christ. 

Wednesday (17th) - France: 

"In response to a request from our customers, we will publish a special 'Bible Catalogue' in collaboration with the Maison de la Bible, our main partner in France. This catalogue of about 100 pages will present the different existing French versions of the Bible." Herve Lessous, National Director 

Thursday (18th) - Romania: 

"We pray for God's help in order to find ways to continue our publishing programme-which requires investment-despite other financial burdens that we face. Please pray with us for God's guidance in choosing titles to publish-books that will meet people's needs and be financially viable for us." Ronela Mfcula, National Director 

Friday (19th) - Colombia: 

"Please pray with us regarding our work plan for 2019: 

  • Pray that God will guide us and give us new and better distribution strategies for reaching the people of our nation. 
  • Pray for the publication projects: May God help us to accomplish everything planned, both in publications and in sales. 
  • Pray that we would have an effective presence as a publisher on all social networks."

David Pabon, National Director 

The Weekend (20th/21st) - USA: 

CLC Publications in the USA is embarking on a new venture to publish bilingual Bibles and the Jesus Storybook in six languages. Pray that these projects will help meet needs in the lives of different language groups. 

April -  Week 17: Books that Make a Difference

Monday (22nd) - Italy & Philippines: 

The new title, Boundaries, by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend, published by CLC Italy, has been well received. Several people who have read the book have gone on to ask for copies so they can use the material for study courses. 

In the Philippines, the CLC team thank God for the four titles by Josh McDowell that they published for the occasion of Josh's visit to the Philippines as the speaker at the Intentional Discipleship Conference. Praise the Lord for good sales and pray that these titles would continue to bless and equip Christians. 

Tuesday (23rd) - Cyprus: 

"A young Christian was told about our bookshop in Nicosia, and she came to buy books and gifts to give to her non-Christian friends to help them in their search for God. One book she purchased was Life without Limits, the story of Nick Vujicic, to give to a man whose brother is in a wheelchair. Please pray that those who receive these gifts with a Christian message will have their lives touched by God's Word." Sotos and Eva Photiades, CLC Cyprus 

Wednesday (24th) - Ecuador: 

Please pray for us as we look for opportunities to present the CLC International Office project of the affordable Bibles, Jesus for Everyone, at as many churches and Christian ministries as possible in Ecuador. We hope to motivate and encourage others to support this project that will supply Venezuela, Bolivia and Spain with thousands of copies of this Bible. 

Thursday (25th) - Indonesia: 

Donny Kairupan, Director for CLC Indonesia, writes to say that the team praise God for the opportunity to launch a new title, The Bible and the Meaning of Life, by Christopher Flint. Christopher, from the UK, has been a lecturer in Indonesia and spent a short time with CLC Philippines where he co-authored and edited this book specifically for young people in Southeast Asia. 

Friday (26th) - Chile: 

The Spanish edition (CLC Colombia Publishing) of the book, Trusting in God Even Though Life Hurts, by Jerry Bridges is CLC Chile's book of the year. 

National Director Patricio Romo writes: "Please pray that we would be able to put this precious book into the hands of many people." 

The Weekend (27th/28th)- Italy: 

"We are organising a national leadership conference (June 14-16) using the training course based on the book, Lead Like Jesus, by Ken Blanchard. Praise God for the encouragement and support from the Ken Blanchard organisation in the USA regarding this event. One of their trainers will be coming to Italy to help us form a network of trainers for future courses." Samuele Di Ruocco, National Director 

April/May- Week 18: Economy Matters 

Monday (29th) - Uruguay: 

"The economic expectations for the country this year are complex, but we trust the Lord that, in the midst of the needs people may have, we can supply the right materials that will help to transform lives." Humberto Urrutia, National Director 

Tuesday (30th) - Sierra Leone: 

"In March 2018, the country held general elections for new leaders for the following five years. We were hoping and praying for a change in the economy but, sadly, the economic situation in our country now is more alarming. Every day, the Leone is deteriorating compared to other currencies. This situation is affecting us adversely and, over the past months, our sales have been going down. Pray that God will give wisdom to our leaders to find a solution to this problem." Donald John, National Director 

Wednesday (1st) - Cote d'Ivoire: 

"Please pray for our CLC bookshop in Bouake, Ivory Coasfs second largest city, that we would become profitable each month. We have started promoting a 'Book of the Month,' and the first one, Transformed Temperaments, by Tim LaHaye has generated a lot of interest and sales. 

Please pray, too, for the situation in the country where unrest and uncertainty slow everything down, especially in a region like ours that seems to be where protests are often initiated." Marie Sekongo, Bookshop Manager 

Thursday (2nd) - Benin: 

"Sadly, an acute economic crisis is raging in the sub-region, and this affects our sales. However, even in the midst of this ongoing challenge, the Lord surprises us from time to time, as when a theologian visited our shop and made a huge purchase of around $2000! On the whole though, it is difficult for us. May the Lord give us the wisdom and the patience to get through this crisis." Emmanuel Ladeyo, National Director 

Friday (3rd) - Romania: 

"In the past five years because of legal obligations, our salaries have been adjusted, and the taxes increased. From January this year, both salaries and taxes went up again. My biggest concern is how to cope with this new financial burden-how to pay increased salaries and taxes. Please pray that we would have better sales to help us with our outgoings." Ronela Mfcula, National Director 

The Weekend (4th/5th) - Canada: 

"In our very small French-speaking market, CLC is distributing DVDs through a company called Video la Bergerie. 

Please pray with us for wisdom from the Lord in order to know how to expand this ministry and make it prosper as it is not profitable at the moment." Antoine Roberge, National Director 

May - Week 19: Various Challenges 

Monday (6th) - Italy: 

"We are increasingly convinced of the need to reorganise bookshops to allow their survival in the current circumstances. God 

has led us to organise events in bookshops, participate in more book tables, facilitate training events and conferences, and find good strategies to be a blessing to the bookshops and the church in Italy. 

We pray that the doors God has opened to us with some excellent partnerships will bear much fruit and see more mature believers growing in the image of Jesus." Samuele Di Ruocco, National Director 

Tuesday (7th) - Worldwide Website Distribution: 

To underline the changing nature of book distribution, in 2018, globally we sold more than 10% of our Bibles and books online. A total of more than three million visits were made to our international network of websites. This is probably in excess of the number of visits to our physical bookshops. Please pray for the technical understanding to know how to use the websites to reach a wider audience than ever before while retaining a passion to help people on their spiritual journey. 

Wednesday (8th) - Indonesia Shop Front: 

CLC Indonesia had some remodelling work done on its main bookshop in Surabaya earlier this year. By the time you read this, the work will hopefully be completed, but a photo sent as work was underway revealed an amazing challenge to make sure the shop front was noticed on the street. May this draw in many new customers-and no doubt there will be requests for the titles on display! 

Thursday (9th) - National Directors: 

The work of a CLC National Director can be very demanding and time consuming. Another challenge they may face is to find a person to replace them when they leave this role or retire as it is not always obvious who the new Director should be. 

Please pray for Ronela Mfcula (CLC Romania) and Lina Pinkevich (CLC Belarus) as they are both due to retire in the near future. We need to see God's provision of the right people to take over from them. 

Friday (10th) - Venezuela: 

Delvis Blanco, the National Director for CLC Venezuela, says the overriding prayer request from the team is for the situations-social, political and economic-they are living through in the country. At the time of writing, a rival President was appointed in challenge to President Maduro, and the ensuing tension and protests mean that in terms of business for CLC, our sales slowed even further because of the marches and gathering crowds in the surrounding streets. 

Daily life is a major challenge for so many people in Venezuela; please pray for the CLC team-for protection and strength as they share the good news of the Gospel in difficult and uncertain times. 

The Weekend (11th/12th) - Canada: 

For the past ten years, CLC in Montreal has been a leader in creating and maintaining good relationships among the publishers and companies involved in the French Christian book ministry. However, faced with many and various challenges, this good climate has been eroding. Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and courage to be able to re-establish these vital relations. 

May - Week 20: UK & International Office (10) 

Monday (13th) - JO Accounts: 

Although Gerardo Scalante, the International Director for CLC, works from the CLC USA headquarters, the 10 charity and accounts are still overseen in the UK by Neil Ward rope. Until recently, Lesley West faithfully kept the 10 accounts but, at the end of last year, felt it was time she handed the job on. Please pray for the right replacement to carry out this important work. 

Tuesday (14th) - JO Magazine and Prayer News: 

Amanda Lutes has worked with CLC in various capacities-most recently as editor of the CLC World Magazine (published by CLC UK and CLC USA) and Prayer Focus. However, after several months of ill health, Amanda resigned from CLC. She continues to volunteer by helping with the layout and design of the magazine along with Alessandra Platania from CLC Italy. Alessandra is also responsible for CLC International news on social media. For now, Sheena Wardrope (CLC UK) is helping with Prayer Focus news and gathering material for the next magazine. Please pray for the future of these publications and for the staff needed for the work. 

Wednesday (15th) - JO in the USA: 

Please pray that Gerardo Scalante would be able to have a small 10 team working with him in the USA. This was the plan when he became the International Director three years ago, but it has not worked out so far. It would be particularly helpful to have whoever takes on the role of editing CLC World and Prayer Focus and maintaining the 10 website based at (or near) Gerardo's office. 

Thursday (16th) - UK Shop Closures: 

"The retail situation in the UK-which is affecting all sectors-has made it inevitable that we have had to close some shops, with great regret. Please pray for us as we attempt to navigate uncertain waters. We remain committed to our vision of making available evangelical Christian literature, while recognising that distribution takes place in a variety of ways and not solely via bookshops." Neil Ward rope, National Director 

Friday (17th) - UK Partnerships: 

Our Commercial Director, Jamie Hill, has published a 'manifesto' in the trade magazine, Together, for the development of the Christian book world in the UK as a result of his observations in the first few months of working with CLC UK. It is summed up by the need for partnerships between organisations so that we can mutually support each other. Please pray for God-planned relationships to be formed. 

The Weekend (18th/19th) - UK Conference: 

The CLC UK Annual Conference takes place from May 20 to 22 and is followed by Trustees' meetings. We have a variety of guests from the publishing world as well as a devotional speaker. Please pray for a time of refreshment, renewal and challenge for the team who meet. 

May - Week 21: Out & About

Monday (20th) - Mexico: 

"We thank the Lord for our CLC van. Our next challenge for the mobile bookshop is to start planning routes to reach the most remote regions of this beautiful country. Please pray with us that the Lord would guide and guard the people who will initiate this outreach." Maria del Carmen Castaneda, National Director 

Tuesday (21st) - Liberia: 

At times, we are forced into being creative when sales are not doing so well. Recently, James Cooper, the Director for CLC in Liberia, combined a month of street evangelism three days a week in Monrovia with the CLC Bookmobile in attendance. Please pray for ongoing results from this, both for the Kingdom and for CL C's ministry. 

Wednesday (22nd) - The Netherlands: 

Rudy Kuijer works both for CLC in the Netherlands and the International Office. A major part of his work is in direct outreach and literature evangelism. There are opportunities to help migrant churches in the Netherlands with literature in their own languages, but people are needed to do this task. Please pray as Rudy seeks to recruit new missionaries for CLC. He has also started to cooperate, on a monthly basis, with an evangelistic market stall in Rotterdam and in The Hague. 

Thursday (23rd) - Ecuador: 

The Thompson Bible (TB} and The TB Seminars that CLC is involved in make a great difference to many church leaders and pastors who have not had access to formal Bible training. At the time of writing, CLC Ecuador was planning to take these seminars to a community of Huaorani Christians in the Ecuadorian rainforest in April. Please pray that this will open the way to reaching cultures and people in this area that have not been contacted before. 

Friday (24th) - Panama: 

"Pray for the very busy mobile ministry in Panama and the staff who are committed to doing this work. There are routes from Panama City that cover the capital and the interior of the country and routes from the CLC bookshop in David (a city in western Panama} that cover the provinces and more remote areas." Milton Cheng, National Director 

The Weekend (25th/26th)- Italy: 

From May 26 to June 1, CLC Italy will hold their annual staff conference in Krakow, Poland, during which there will be the election of a new committee. Please pray that the Lord will guide every decision. 

May - Week 22: Prayer & Praise 

Monday (27th) - Cyprus: 

We often say how books are important, but bags can be important too! Here is a testimony from Sotos and Eva Photiades, CLC Cyprus: 

"A friend bought a bag from our shop with the words: 'When life gets too hard to stand, kneel.' Later, she told us that one day, as she was walking along the road with the bag over her shoulder, a lady stopped her and said: 'Please let me take a photo of your bag; this is exactly what I need right now in my life.'Please pray for this lady that she may find comfort in the Lord." 

Tuesday (28th) - Panama: 

At the time of writing, general elections were scheduled to take place on May 5. A new president was due to be voted in as well as changes in other leadership roles. The outcome should be known by now, but please pray for the future of the country and, in particular, for the economy that has been slowing in recent years. Whatever the outcome, pray that CLC Panama would continue to make advances in our work for God's kingdom. 

Wednesday (29th) - Germany

Following a conversation with one of our customers in which CLC was mentioned, an orthodox couple from Macedonia felt led to visit the Hamburg bookshop for a Bible. After a long and meaningful conversation with shop staff, this couple left with three Study Bibles and a list of good churches so they could look for somewhere to worship where they would feel 'at home'. 

Thursday (30th) - Romania: 

Ronela Micula, the National Director, writes: "We praise the Lord for His help in many areas over the past months. We are thankful that we now have our new website. We received financial help-just in time. We praise God for a big payment for our publishing project for bilingual, children's Bibles. We got much needed help with some repair work on the CLC shop/office property." 

Friday (31st) - India: 

Praise God for a wonderful time for the team in India when they met for their annual conference earlier this year. Justin Chellapan, the National Director, writes: "We felt the presence of God in all the sessions, and we had a good devotional speaker, a well-known man of God, who has written several books and has a passion for literature work. Each one of us rededicated our lives once again to the great call even though we face challenges. One decision we made, by faith, at the conference was to proceed further with our 'Clemens Road Project' in Chennai to construct a shop of our own. Pray for the needed funds, wisdom and guidance from God as this is a major undertaking." 

The Weekend (1st/2nd) - Uruguay: 

Please pray for the trips that the bookmobile makes into the interior of the country and for opportunities for new contacts to encourage growth in book distribution. 

Between June 14 and 23, the team are planning Thompson Bible Seminars in Montevideo and in two other cities. Please pray that a good number of church leaders will subscribe to these very useful and instructive seminars.