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CLC Kenya – Connecting Authors and Readers

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Goliath Must Fall - NEW at CLC Italy

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A Bookshop in a Filing Cabinet! Mini-CLC launched in Matola!

CLC Prayer Focus November 2018

November - Week 45: Over the Years…

Monday (5th) – Venezuela

Problems in Venezuela have been increasing alarmingly over recent months but the crisis – social, economic and political - goes back several years. Despite this, our team continue to focus on the ministry of CLC and our continued prayer support for them is part of that commitment.  

Delvis Blanco, the National Director, writes: - “Please pray for unity in the CLC team, and their families, in Venezuela. Despite the difficulties we face as a country, we want to work together to do the task the Lord has entrusted us with.”

Tuesday (6th) – France

For the past 15 years, CC France has run a Christmas Box campaign.  Each year 160 churches can register for this ‘box’ of about 100 items that they can offer for sale or return. This not only achieves good sales for CLC but also creates valuable contacts, and the churches are very appreciative of this service too. Pray for this year’s campaign that is now well underway.

Wednesday (7th) - Cyprus

Eva Photiadou has managed the CLC bookshop since 1984 and her husband, Sotos, has worked with her since 1990. Praise the Lord for this couple and their faithful work. Another long lasting commitment is to the November book fairs they have held for almost 30 years. This year they will be in Limassol on the 10th, Paphos on the 17th, Nicosia on the 21st and Larnaca on the 24th.

Pray for strength and encouragement for Sotos and Eva, and for good sales, which are essential for the up-keep of the bookshop.

Thursday (8th) - Benin

“Please pray about the matter of the shop property, which has been up for sale  for some time now. The asking price is very high, but please pray that things will turn in our favour so that we can purchase it. We have been in this property for 20 years! The LORD is able to work a miracle!” Emmanuel Ladeyo (ND)

Friday (9th) – Chile

We are grateful that, for the first time, a project to start a bookshop within a church denomination in Chile is underway. We have visited this denomination since the start of the CLC ministry in Chile! The bookshop will include Internet sales, and CLC will provide the Bibles and books. This is a new venture for this church that has more than 35,000 members throughout Chile, and operates in over 20 countries.

Saturday/Sunday (10th/11th) - Belarus

“It is 15 years since the bookshop was opened in Brest, and 25 years since the start of the CLC ministry in Belarus. At the time of writing, we are organising a Prayer Breakfast for pastors, to be held probably late November, in order to give thanks to the Lord for all that He has done through the CLC ministry in Belarus, and to ask God’s blessing and provision for the future.” Lina Pinkevich (ND)

November - Week 46: Book Tables

Monday (12th) – Uruguay

CLC has a significant mobile ministry in Uruguay and the team would value your prayersfor more doors to open for book tables in churches around the country.

Tuesday (13th) – Portugal

Once again CLC Portugal will be supporting, attending and holding book tables at the Global Leadership Summits this month - in Lisbon (16th/17th) and Porto (23rd/24th). In addition to these major events, there will be a number of smaller book tables this month and in December. Please pray for Carlos Cunha (the National Director), his co-worker Vinicyus and the team of volunteers during this busy period.

Wednesday (14th) - India

“Praise God for giving us an opportunity to hold a book table, over three days, at the International Christian Medical Conference (ICMDA World Congress 2018). This is the first time the congress has been held in India. More than 850 delegates, representing 84 countries, attended. This was a great blessing to us, particularly as most of the delegates and organisers appreciated the sacrificial commitment and work of ELS [CLC is known as the Evangelical Literature Service in India] and some of them even prayed with us.

Pray for new avenues to open for us in our needy country, and that we would have good sales in the present challenging situation.” Justin Chellapan (ND)

Thursday (15th)- Burkina Faso 

“Please pray for more opportunities for successful book tables, and for an increase in our sales in the final quarter of 2018 because, despite our efforts, they are generally low. We know that it is tied to the economic and financial situation of the country. Please pray that we can make things attractive for Christmas sales. We plan to take books to more rural parts of the country in December.” Sami Luc Nufe

Friday (16th) – Cyprus

“An English speaking church in Paphos have asked if they could have a small supply of our books, gifts etc. at their premises.  They have a couple willing to take up the responsibility for this. As we travel to Paphos once a week for a meeting there, it will be easy to renew the stock often and we thank the Lord for this new opening. We pray that it will be a blessing to the Church members there.” Eva Photiadou (ND)

Saturday/Sunday (17th/18th) - Sierra Leone

“We thank God for giving us the opportunity to attend the Evangelical Fellowship of Sierra Leone Biennial Conference 2018. As the event was held in the city of Bo, the team from our bookshop there took responsibility for the CLC book table and sales were encouraging. ” Donald John (ND)

November - Week 47: Digital and Media

Monday (19th)  - CLC World

Amanda Lutes, editor of CLC World and Prayer Focus, has been unwell for several months. As a result, no magazine has been published (from CLC UK or USA) since the April 2018 edition. At the time of writing, Amanda is working again, when well enough, on the next issue of CLC World with the idea of printing it before Christmas if possible.  Please pray for Amanda as multiple tests have not been conclusive and the treatment prescribed is only partially effective.

Added to this, Amanda is still living at home in Canada while trying to get a visa to move to the USA to join the CLC team there. This process is on hold at the moment due to Amanda’s health situation.  Pray for healing for Amanda and for guidance regarding her future.

Tuesday (20th) – Uruguay

Humberto Urrutia (ND) writes: - “A reduced number of people coming to our two bookshops in Montevideo has resulted in decreased sales. We now urgently need to adapt our website to allow for online sales.” At the time of writing the online payment method was on the point of implementation.  Please pray that the Uruguay team would find new ways of connecting with their customers.

Wednesday (21st) - Romania

“We praise the Lord for the new website, which is working now. However, there are still many things we need to learn about the new features and with regard to improving the content and appearance of the website. Please pray for Ema, who has the responsibility for the day to day running of the website, as she adjusts to the changes and new challenges.” Ronela Micula (ND)

Thursday (22nd) – Ecuador

CLC Ecuador is facing the same challenge as Uruguay in that their website needs to be adapted for selling online. Please pray for our UK-based web designer, Cristi Cotovan, as he implements the payment methods.  They are complex and different in every Latin American country.   

Friday (23rd) - Hungary

“Internet sales are increasing, which is great, and it means a lot of extra work!

We would like to have someone to help us with Internet marketing, so that we can reach more people with our books. Please pray with us for the right person to fill this role.” Zsolt Karpati

Saturday/Sunday (24th/25th)  – UK

“We are starting an initiative called ‘CLC Virtual’. Please pray for the early days of this Print on Demand platform, initially launched in the UK but with the intention of extending to the wider CLC world.  In this first phase we need to see publishers signing up on the platform.  Our intention is that it should be multi-lingual so that we can serve different language groups in the UK and beyond.” Neil Wardrope (ND)

November/December - Week 48: Praying for People

Monday (26th) – Canada

“In all organisations, large and small, and including the church itself, human resources are of utmost importance. People are His most precious treasure. My heartfelt thanks to the Lord concerns my fellow workers.  They are mature, willing to sacrifice and they know how to keep a positive spirit, always ready to welcome others - be they clients or colleagues.” Antoine Roberge (ND)

Tuesday (27th) – Germany

“ People are always special and unique. Over recent years we have noticed that there are an increasing number of Christians who do not attend a church any more.  As a bookshop, we are a meeting place where they like to come and browse through the books and other items we offer. We ask for prayer that we have wisdom and understanding as we encourage them and help meet their particular needs.” Valentin Schweigler (ND)

Wednesday (28th) – Colombia

We thank God for the new president of Colombia. Let us pray that God will give him wisdom to govern and that he will provide good administrators who fear God and His principles, so that they can lead our nation. We ask that God would be acknowledged in the hearts of our rulers and of all the Colombian people. May the Church of Jesus Christ rise up and be a standard of the truth of the Gospel.

Thursday (29th) – Ecuador

“ We give thanks to God for the many customers and good sales we experienced in September, during the ‘Month of the Bible’. We had good results from the publicity and promotions throughout this time.  Every year our customers wait expectantly for this event.” Monica Rojas (ND)

Friday (30th) – Sierra Leone

“In March 2018 we elected our new leaders who will govern the country for the next five years. We were hoping and praying for a change in the economy but, sadly, the economic situation is now more alarming. Every day the Leone is deteriorating compared to other currencies. This is affecting us adversely. For the past few months, our sales have been going down as books have become more expensive due to the exchange rate. Pray that God will give wisdom to our leaders to find a speedy solution to this problem.” Donald John (ND)

Saturday/Sunday (1st/2nd) - UK

“Please pray for the Wholesale team in the run up to Christmas.  It is a very busy time of year! They serve bookshops right across the UK and beyond.  At this time of year it is vital to have the right stock available and for it to be shipped quickly.  Pray for books specifically bought as Christmas presents that they would have a significant spiritual impact.” Neil Wardrope (ND)