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Full time or part time? Paid or not?


Whatever role people have in CLC, they will learn about and hopefully pray for the CLC ministry around the world. And they will have the blessing of meeting and working with some fantastic people.

Just as a paid church leader is no more 'spiritual' than one who receives his income 'from the Lord', CLC does not consider that employment or voluntary service is an indicator of a person's spirituality or of faith and trust in God. Likewise, the source of one's income it is not necessarily an indicator as to the sense of 'missionary call' that God has placed on a person's life. We would hope that all CLC workers are 'missionaries' (rather than Christians working in a job) and fully identify with the mission's core values.

Part time volunteers

PART TIME VOLUNTEERS keep our centres open. They are indispensable!

Besides being at heart a volunteer organisation, we recognise that volunteering is two-way traffic. So we want to give expression to that volunteer spirit by providing people with the opportunity to serve.

Volunteering with CLC does not necessarily mean you'll be at a cash register!

For example, we have offices and a warehouse near Winchester where the roles are quite different. Or perhaps you're really good at social media or window displays, or are wondering if there is the occasional DIY or decorating job that you could do... Or perhaps you could price greetings cards as and when they need doing.... Yes, some tasks could be seen as 'menial', but without someone to boil and shell the eggs in a kitchen there's no egg mayo filling. Every task is a necessary one.

Our part time volunteers are recruited locally so you need to contact your local CLC bookshop, warehouse or offices to register your interest if there are needs that you can meet.

There might not be a need right now, but if you are on file we can contact you when there is. Plus, extra help is sometimes needed during school holidays and in the run-up to Christmas.

By the way, if the role does involve serving customers, there may well be a minimum time commitment.

There will normally be an interview, an application form to complete and references to be taken up.

CLC can reimburse your reasonable travel costs and you may be entitled to a discount on items bought for your personal use. 

Part time employees

PART TIME EMPLOYEES fulfil the obligations and responsibilities of their employment contract. This provides greater stability and regularity for the CLC manager. Unfortunately we cannot offer employment to everyone. We would not want to - and not everyone needs, wants or is able to be employed. Employment is the exception, not the rule.

Full time volunteers

(aka career missionaries)

The founders of CLC, Ken and Bessie Adams, felt that salaries should not be paid; rather, all available income should be ploughed back into the ministry so as to fulfil the Great Commission. Full time team members trusted God to cover their personal needs through the practical and prayerful support of churches and friends.

It may well be that as new job opportunities appear or an existing post needs filling, full time employment will not be possible. Or it may be that you sense God calling you to serve Him through CLC and step out in faith, trusting in His provision without the assured income from a salary even if employment is offered. Where the position will not be employment you will need to have some personal financial support in place to serve with CLC as a fulltime volunteer, just as you would with many other missions. Read on to learn more about our support system. It is tried and tested, and God is faithful!!

Since late 2009 CLC has a hybrid support system: we have both employed and non-employed staff. Whether salaried or not, each CLC worker (aka missionary) is still dependent on God's provision for their needs and each one ministers from a position of faith and trust in God.

In short, every full-time CLC worker who is not salaried, whether based in the UK or serving overseas, needs some personal means of support (eg own resources, and/or via friends, family, churches, etc.) CLC can provide some support from trade funds for domestic overheads and Class 3 (voluntary) NI Contributions, and there is a basic monthly allowance available - currently £90 - providing there is sufficient gift income for it to be paid out. CLC deducts nothing to cover admin costs from personal gifts and even any Gift Aid reclaimed on such gifts is paid out in full to the relevant party.

For more information and details about personal fund-raising and how the CLC support system works out in practice, email personnel at clcbookshops dot com or phone 0114 2812136.

As is the case with anyone involved in a full time missionary setting, supporters need feedback and contact. Thus it is usual for our non-employed full time workers to visit and keep in touch with their supporters in order to maintain and develop their practical and prayerful interest and commitment, and to keep them abreast of how the Lord is using their "investment" of time and finance in their missionary.

Full time employees

FULL TIME EMPLOYEES are taken on as needs / situations dictate and finances allow. We recognise that, for whatever reason or circumstance, not everyone can serve the Lord full time without a guaranteed income. Life and situations are more complicated than they used to be. And sometimes the skills we need are not readily available in the voluntary sector.

We do NOT foresee the day when CLCers in the UK will all be employees. We will continue enabling people to give - be it for a particular worker or for the general support fund - just as we will continue enabling others to receive.