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Welcome to Take Note

In this issue of Take Note we have some great new titles on prayer from wellloved authors such as Pete Greig, Alistair Begg and Debra Green. We all know prayer is so impor tant in our walk with God, yet we all struggle with prayer from time to time. Be encouraged as you read to live a praying life, knowing that we have an awesome God who longs to hear from us and talk with us!

As usual we also have a great selection of inspiring true stories from around the world to encourage and challenge us in our own faith (p.4-5). Also, this time around, we include books tackling some of the main issues facing us today (p.6-7), and some encouraging reads to help parents and families grow in faith together (p.8).

Finally, there are two 40th anniversaries being celebrated this year – the publication of the NIV Bible and the launch of Spring Harvest, so we have a couple of special offers on NIV Bibles and the best of Spring Harvest praise and worship to mark these occasions. 

Thanks for continuing to support your local Christian bookshop.