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CLC World 2023 Issue 3 Magazine Cover

Global Publishing

I know I am not impartial, but CLCers are truly amazing people! I am convinced you will see plenty of concrete examples of this as you read through the current issue of CLC World and the Prayer Focus.

Mercy Muthoni and her dedicated team of mostly volunteers in Nairobi, Kenya are developing an inspiring ministry of encouraging and mentoring African authors. With a strong sense of the Lord’s calling, they are helping authors to find their voice - African authors writing for African readers, and beyond!

The ministry of Buena Tierra publishing in Lima, Peru, overseen by Sharon Jones, is having a tangible impact in the lives of thousands of children in Latin America. Her enthusiasm is infectious, as is her love for the Lord and her amazing ability to share the Gospel message with children.

Praise the Lord for this CLC global ministry, sustained by God since 1941. What an honour it is to serve the Lord through the distribution of the Scriptures and excellent Christian books in 44 countries! Our passion is to see people in all countries come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to mature in their faith.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support of CLC International and of the various projects the Lord has put into our hearts in countries like India, Panama, Peru and Sierra Leone. News Page 10 see page 23 to donate

Gary Chamberlin - CLC International Director

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