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CLC World 2023, Issue 2 magazine cover

2023 CLC International World Report

I had the privilege to meet with many of our teams across the world. I am challenged and impressed by how committed and passionate our 650+ workers are and how they are serving sacrificially. Year after year we see God’s unfailing faithfulness and clear examples of how He is sustaining this global mission. God is faithful.

During my 28 years in CLC I have often seen how the Lord has moved churches, individuals, foundations and publishers to sacrificially donate to support CLC. 2022 was an exceptional year for this. Just one example was the CLC Ukraine Project which provided hundreds of thousands of books for refugees, including children’s Bibles. In addition, many CLC countries continued giving generously to help stabilise and sustain struggling CLC ministries such as Burkina Faso, Barbados, Dominica, Peru and Sierra Leone. God is our sustainer.

CLC continues to be dependent on the Lord in all that we do and to provide all that we need. As you read this 2022 CLC World Report you will see both victories and struggles. I hope that you will not only praise God for this amazing global ministry which continues to distribute Christian literature in 44 countries, but that you will also be inspired by the remarkable commitment, resilience and sacrifice of our CLC workers.

I hope that you will let your heart be moved by the Lord to pray and support a specific country. Your prayerful support is vital to continue and to expand the global CLC ministry. Our vision remains the same, to distribute books and Bibles so that people in every country will submit their lives to the Lord Jesus and then grow and mature in their faith.

Which country is on your heart?

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support!

Gary Chamberlin

CLC International Director


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