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CLC World 2023 Issue 1 magazine cover

It is my pleasure to present you with this latest edition of CLC World. The three main articles have been written by friends, brothers and colleagues whom I have known for longer than I care to mention! Although based in their respective countries of the USA, France and Poland, their work with CLC has enabled them to have a Gospel influence way beyond their own borders.

Jim Pitman grew up in Latin America as the son of missionaries and so it is natural for him to have a mission context for everything that he does. Coordinating the work of Multi-Language Media means that he can be involved in reaching ‘all nations’ with Bibles and books in over 120 languages.

Hervé Lessous is relatively new to CLC (just 15 years!) but through his work with the French team he has gained the confidence of his European colleagues who have recently asked him to become European Director, as well as being involved in Francophone West Africa.

Tomasz Kalisz has been involved with CLC Poland since it was founded in the early 1990s. Despite failing eyesight, he has pioneered the project to ensure that almost 500,000 books and Gospels have reached the hands of displaced Ukrainians. This is a project without parallel in CLC.

It is a great privilege for each of us to be part of this mission. And you are involved too through your prayers and support!

Neil Wardrope

Missions Director, Kingsway CLC Trust

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