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CLC World 2021 Issue 3 magazine cover

On November 1st, CLC celebrates its 80th birthday. From very humble beginnings, two couples - the Adams
and the Whybrows - believed that God was leading them to set up a mission to distribute Bibles and evangelical Christianbooks around the globe.
The legacy of these faithful servants is a global organisation in more than 40 countries, sending out Christian
resources through bookshops, warehouse distribution, publishing, mobile trips and, increasingly, websites.
This edition of CLC World shares some of the stories of faith, challenge and creativity that have been part of fulfilling
the original vision. Most importantly, there are testimonies of people that have come to faith. The success of CLC will be those
who have been helped on their journey of faith, and we know that the Word of God and Christian books can play a significant
part in that.
Happy Birthday CLC!
Neil Wardrope
Kingsway CLC Trust Mission Director
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