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CLC World Magazine Cover for issue 3 / 2020

Dear Reader,

Many of our CLCers had to spend months confined at home. Some, like Sharon Jones had events canceled in a couple of countries. Others, like Alessandra Platania in Italy, were confined to their home without the liberties that were normal before the quarantine. Others, like Carlos Marin from Peru, were stuck in a country away from their family.

Many of the CLC bookshops around the world, with a few exceptions like Korea and Uruguay, had to close their doors to the public. Some of them are still closed to this day. Despite this, we can say that God is good and that he has watched and will continue to watch over His ministry during this tough time.

Please, join us in prayer for the worldwide ministry of CLC. May we be able to reach more people than ever during this time of crisis.

CLC World Magazine Team

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