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CLC World Magazine, Issue 1 / 2020


I hope you enjoy this latest edition of CLC World. The world of Bibles, Christian books and resources is continually changing, and a number of those changes are reflected in this magazine.

I would like to start by acknowledging the contribution of two people in past editions and to introduce their replacements. For the past year, Alessandra Platania (CLC Italy) has been designing the layout of the magazine. I think you will agree that she has done a great job! Yaninna Scalante, who works for the CLC International Office and is based in Philadelphia, has taken on the role of design and layout.

In case you don’t know, Alessandra Platania posts the Prayer Focus points, with photos and graphics, on Facebook every day. You can view them by going to the CLC World Magazine Facebook page.

My wife, Sheena Wardrope, has been responsible for collating the Prayer Focus material for 14 years. I am biased, but I think she has also done a great job! Taking over this responsibility is Liz Patten, Regional Director for Africa, who is based in Mozambique. As you can see, the team remains very international – something only made possible by technology.

Another change you can read about is the advance of CLC into Peru. We had a work there for a few years about twenty years ago but, under the leadership of Carlos Marin, we are excited about the new possibilities.

Finally, you will read about ongoing changes in the book world brought about by technology and changing buying habits. This has impacted many of our countries. Our work in the United Kingdom is having to reorganise itself to confront today’s realities – and take hold of new opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in and support of CLC.

- Neil Wardrope, Kingsway CLC Trust Missions Director

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