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Kid's Corner Promotional Magazine 2017 | Issue 2 | Summer | FREE


Welcome to Kids’ Corner,

Inside, we feature a wide range of activity books to help keep your children entertained and fed spiritually through the summer months - especially for those rainy days...
For those older children who enjoy the Minecraft game, our front cover feature - Building Faith Block by Block, not only gives hints and tips into that virtual world, but contains real life issues and relevant Bible verses to help children build their faith, block by block.
With the 500th anniversary of the Reformation being celebrated this year, there are some great books for children to introduce them to the key
characters of this historical event for the church.
Finally, we have included a range of great Christian fiction titles for all ages - ideal to take away on
All offers in this catalogue are valid until 31/8/17, while stocks last. Prices correct at time of going to print.
Welcome to Kids’ Corner holidays, plus some Bible story books and a new series of devotionals - all with the aim of helping children grow
in their faith.