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A True Christian Gentleman, A Tribute to Roger Page

A True Christian Gentleman, A Tribute to Roger Page

Have you got a minute?

This was the simple question that led to a 44 year marriage, an enduring relationship between Roger and Pearl Page, and a life together in CLC. Roger had joined CLC in October 1969 and was working in the London bookshop while living at the CLC headquarters ‘201’ in South Norwood. Pearl joined CLC in February 1971 and was serving as the hostess in the headquarters. Roger and Pearl were married in July 1973, and Roger was asked to be the London shop manager.

In 1979, there was a need for a replacement Warehouse Manager in Alresford, Hampshire. Roger and Pearl felt called to offer to serve there, moving down as a family in early 1980. Several of the trade reps that visited Roger in both London and Alresford have commented that they always felt treated with respect, and business was often accompanied by prayer.

In 1988, Roger and Pearl were asked to become UK leaders. In this role, they had responsibility for the countries overseen by CLC UK—Belarus, Poland, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Seeing the work born in Belarus was one of their most precious memories. They spent many hours with the small team led by Gregory Torchilo—training them, encouraging them. Just last year, the current Belarus Director, Lina Pinkevich, was able to spend a week with Roger and Pearl.

At the end of their tenure as UK leaders, Roger again offered himself as Warehouse Manager. There were suggestions at the time that the warehouse operation should close. In the light of the recent move to Chester, it is just as well that it did not close! Under Roger, the warehouse grew and he remained there until his retirement in 2012.

For Roger, CLC was never a ‘job’ but a commitment to people. Two stories from Liz Patten illustrate this:

First, he regularly ministered in Winchester Prison through his gifts of friendship and playing the piano. He once invited me to accompany him and bring a word from Scripture to a group of men there. That experienced marked me and showed me that the Word of God is relevant wherever you are. I marvelled at Roger’s dedication and commitment to go and minister so regularly to these men.

The second memory is a recollection of my first attendance at the ICRS trade show in the USA. Roger, by then the Manager of the UK Wholesale department, arrived ahead of me but still came to meet me at the airport. Roger not only looked after me during that rather overwhelming but thoroughly enjoyable experience, but he was clearly listening for God’s heart as we visited stand after stand and spoke with different publishers and suppliers. Many times—if not each time—he would suggest that we prayed together with our fellow Christian booksellers. His sincerity and quiet care for people and His concern for God’s direction and glory shone through.

In retirement, Roger and Pearl have continued to play an important role in keeping the CLC retirees connected and praying.

Roger passed away unexpectedly November 24 from a heart attack. Since then we have received many tributes which have all borne testimony to Roger’s warm and loving personality, his graciousness, his ready smile and his love for his Saviour. Here is a selection of those comments:

Roger was a lovely, gentle, encouraging man. 

He was one of nature’s gentlemen. 

He was the only buyer who would stop and pray before placing an order. A true man of God. 

Roger was thoughtful, gentle and caring. He was always willing to go the extra mile.

A Great Man of God, always interested in how you were doing and an inspiration to us all. His love, grace and humility made a tremendous impact.

So you see, Roger’s life was not so much about what he did or what he achieved but rather who he was. It was even expressed in his wonderful piano playing, which many times led us to

worship Jesus. To God be the glory for Roger’s life and all his years of service in CLC. He was an inspiration and a friend to so many of us.

With Love, We Remember:

Looking back at 2017, we can recall the loss of some dear CLC friends during the year – Eileen Coley, Norman Singleton, Ada Hiley and now Roger Page.

Three of these dear ones were also involved in UK national leadership roles, and we remain so grateful to God for each one of them. Please continue to pray for their families and friends.


Neil Wardrope
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