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Imani Mission and CLC Kenya - Women's Conference

Imani Mission and CLC Kenya - Women's Conference


Imani Mission Outreach is a Local Church Organization registered on 29th April 2011. Apart from Sunday Service, the organization runs Children Ministry Workers  Conference, Pastors Conference, Women's Conference, Couples Conference and Youth Conference.

The Women's Conference, 22nd-24th August 2018, was attended by over 100 women and women leaders drawn from four regions of the coastal parts of Kenya: Mombasa, Kwale, Taita Taveta and Malindi. 

The three days were spent ministering to the women, allowing God to meet them at their point of need, spirit, soul, and body. The objective was to enable the women to draw closer to God, emphasizing the place of God's Word, Prayer, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. This would help them embrace the mindset of royalty, to boost self-esteem and confidence in their lives. 

CLC Kenya first got involved with Imani Mission in 2017 through Justus Macharia (one of the patrons of the three families THE MWANGIS, THE KANYEKIS, AND THE MACHARIAS). At the time of 2017 Youth Conference, the three families were looking for Bibles and other relevant materials for the youth. CLC Kenya supplied the much-needed resources at the time.

Through CLC ministry partners, the book, 'Encouraging Words for Women' and a notebook 'The Royal Woman' were received by the women - 130 copies of each.

Friends of CLC Kenya Missions partnered with CLC Kenya to mobilize trainers , prayers and financial resources towards the women's conference. Janice Muchai, Nyambura Kamau, Patrick & Mercy Omukhango, Sarah Vohya, Christine Swaleh, Nelly Milya, Victor & Carine Lonu, Cathy Njeri, Mercy Odhiambo, Pauline Mwangi, Rosemary Ntoipo, Peter Mutua and the three families gave of their time to pray, plan and deliberate on meeting the training and funds gap for the mission to be successful. 

Mary Mwangi, taught on work traits of the Proverbs 31 woman and the place of the Word of God in a purposeful woman's life. 

These two sessions were liberating to learn the transformative power of God's Word in a woman's life. Mary defined what is the Word and explained the power of that Word. She also taught the women on the value of work from God's Word - why a virtuous woman is not idle but is eager to work with her own hands. Mary gave many practical examples. Her Sunday School teaching methods worked very well for the women too.

Rosemary Ntoipo taught how a responsible woman manages herself.

This session focused on self-identification and self-appreciation as seen from the Word of God. Rosemary gave many life examples from her interactions with the women program she runs in Tanzania. Her first hand experiences brought the lessons down to grassroot level-of-understanding.

Cathy Njeri taught how a responsible woman manages her resources.

This session focused on why a woman should acknowledge God's ownership and provision of wealth as well as tips on wise money management. Cathy is a systematic teacher and the lesson was very practical. Her Sunday School teaching experience came in handy, explaining concepts in a simple way that the women could understand.

Pauline Mwangi taught how a purposeful woman lives a life of prayer.

This session focused on the importance of prayer, and how prayer aligns a woman with the will of God. It was a liberating session where the emphasis was placed on the fact that every believing woman has direct access to God through prayer. Pauline demystified myths about prayer and this was so powerful. She is a great teacher of the Word. The session led to watching the movie 'War Room' that night, and it sealed the lesson, in a very practical way. 

Mercy Omukhango taught on the character and relationships of the Proverbs 31 woman.

These two sessions focused on what is 'character' and the traits/characteristics of this woman described in the Bible. She also taught on some of the relationships of this woman, including God, the husband, the children, relatives, work/business and ministry. She emphasized that a woman should rely on God the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit to help her in managing all these relationships. Mercy's teaching skill and systematic methods were utilized well in the sessions.

Nelly Milya taught how a purposeful woman is led by the Holy Spirit.

This session was the culmination of the entire conference, with the emphasis being that all a woman does should be founded on God - the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. This led to a session of prayer and Holy Spirit ministrations. Nelly is called into prayer and the prophetic, this call was well utilized in the sessions.

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