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Colombia Social Foundation: Open a book and your heart to help the most needy...

Colombia Social Foundation: Open a book and your heart to help the most needy...

We give thanks to God for the evangelistic, missionary and social work that CLC Colombia has been doing. Fundación Social CLC (Social Foundation) makes CLC’s heart for missions visible along with their desire to support pastors, schools, hospitals, Indigenous people, convicts, vulnerable children, disabled people and many others. 

Since this foundation is funded mainly by CLC’s bookshops, it is both a reminder and an encouragement to other CLC teams to keep striving to reach out to those around them.  Every day, this particular CLC team is finding various ways to make a life-changing difference in so many lives as a reflection of God’s love.  By providing basic human needs, teaching life skills, supplying equipment and support for quality of life and, of course, Biblical training, the Lord is truly using this team for His purposes.

Director David Pabon, shares:

“We thank God for the Thompson Bible Seminars as they allow us to teach the Word of God to pastors and leaders. More than 17,000 people have benefitted from our training, and we also work in jails in different cities across the country. This year we will go to cárcel Modelo, one of the most dangerous penitentiaries in Colombia. We will share the Thompson Bible seminar with 100 convicts that already know the gospel and who are now working as leaders in the prison. Our foundation is also working with ethnic minorities, providing Thompson Bible seminars, teaching life skills and supporting those who feel called into ministry by sponsoring them so they can attend a theological institution.”

Thank you, Father, for CLC Colombia and their social foundation. Please continue to provide the strength, wisdom and funds needed to share the Gospel with those often overlooked by society. May You continue to encourage us all to surrender our lives fully to you so that we will be aware of opportunities you place before us and we can be Your hands and feet to those in need.

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