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Give a gift that keeps on giving - Thailand Bible Project

Give a gift that keeps on giving - Thailand Bible Project


As there are so many translations of the Bible in certain languages, it is sometimes easy to forget that this isn’t the case around the world. Some regions don’t yet have a Bible in their native tongue, while others only have something in a very outdated language.  As beautiful of a language as the English King James version is, you would probably agree that it isn’t exactly an easy read. For that reason, new believers, those who speak English as a second language as well as those who struggle to read due to learning difficulties quite often choose a Bible in a more modern language from a wide selection of translations.

In Thailand, however, there are very few affordable, easy-to-read Thai Bibles available. For this reason, the Bible League recently translated a new modern language Thai Bible in the hope that it will greatly aid those who are seeking to know God.

CLC has recently received permission from the Bible League to print and distribute these Bibles on their behalf in Thailand. The CLC team plan to print either an initial 3,000 or 5,000 copies of the Bible.  It is hoped that by selling this initial print run at an affordable price, they will generate the funds required to continually reorder and print more of these Bibles as needed.


1) If so, please pray! This is only the second publishing endeavour that CLC Thailand has attempted so please ask that God will give them the necessary wisdom, direction and peace throughout this process. Pray, too, for the ongoing partnership betwen CLC and the Bible League. Thank you for your prayers!

2) Please prayerfully consider giving a gift that will keep on giving and be an incredible blessing for so many!  As it stands, each Bible will cost just over 4 US dollars (£3 GBP) to print. Already, CLC Thailand has been able to generate enough funds to cover the shipping and customs costs, plus an additional 4,000 US dollars (£3,000 GBP) to put towards the initial print run of Bibles. However, in order to make these Bibles available, the rest of the funds are needed by May, 2018.  If you feel the Lord is guiding you to make a donation towards this project, please see our donation page for more details.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support—YOU are a vital part of our ministry!

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