CLC International (UK)
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2016 - 2017 World Report Edition

A Note from our International Director, Gerardo Scalante:

Literature is a powerful tool when it is used for evangelism and in all-age ministries. We are so convinced by the power of the written Gospel message, whatever its medium, because for over 75 years we have witnessed its transforming power. For this reason, our purpose is to make Christian literature available to all nations so that people can come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ. In nearly 50 countries around the world, CLC is reaching thousands of people each day through our urban bookshops, websites, publications, and distribution to various ministries like churches, prisons, hospitals and schools. Wherever our ‘printed-page missionaries’ and digital resources go, there is a strong potential for people’s lives to be changed. In an effort to increase the spread of God’s message of love, we are now publishing in 24 languages.
We also have a very strong ten-year plan in place that is helping us to double the number of titles we publish. There remains so much untapped potential to reach the world through CLC’s literature ministry, yet it is just beyond our reach because we need more national workers, volunteers and missionaries willing to work in different and challenging cultures.
Whether you are an accountant, marketing expert, editor/translator, bookseller, or incredibly tech savvy — we need you! Join our team of workers (and volunteers!) from various nationalities, who are working hard each day to serve their local community and distribute the Good News. Thank you Father for this committed group of people who act as Your hands and feet in an effort to see Your Kingdom advance.
Journey with us through this special ‘World Edition’ issue of CLC World to discover how the Lord has been working through our ministry. See just how incredible our God is and don’t forget that there are three easy ways for you to be involved in CLC’s ministry: Pray, Shop, Serve!
If you feel passionate about Jesus and you have a strong desire to serve God through the distribution of Christian literature, why not see if CLC is the place for you?