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Prayer Focus 2017 - July

Monday (3rd) – Antigua:

Please also join us in praying for our government, nation, and especially for our youth. May God continue to help us to share His light with those we encounter each day. Please pray especially for our families and for more opportunities and events for us to share God’s Word.

Tuesday (4th) – Barbados:

Due to the economic situation, many people are without work. As a result, our ministry is also struggling financially as we are unable to fully stock our shelves or fulfil customer orders. We also need to replace our roof and our computer systems.  Please pray for us!

Wednesday (5th) – Trinidad & Tobago:

For ten years, our Port of Spain shop has been without piped water. A blockage exists somewhere in the pipes below our street, but authorities are hesitant to fix the issue as it requires digging up the entire street. Please pray that our request for this problem to be fixed would soon be granted.

Thursday (6th) – Trinidad & Tobago:

In 2016, it was discovered that Trudy’s pregnant daughter and her unborn baby were both infected with  the ZIKA virus. Once this diagnosis was made by doctors, prayer was immediately lifted up on their behalf. Earlier this year, they were tested again and the results for the ZIKA virus came back negative.  We give God the glory for this answer to prayer.

Friday (7th) – Dominica:

We thank the Lord for helping us to pay all our expenses this year but, due to the declining economy, it remains a daily struggle. Please pray for a way forward that would ease the pressure on our ministry and help us invest more into our future.  

The Weekend (8th/9th) – Dominica: 

Please pray for the homeless men and women who spend a lot of time in the area just outside our shop. We have a real heart for them but require God’s help with this ‘street outreach’.  It is a challenge to always know the right course of action in working with them as, at times, they can become quite abusive towards our customers and staff.  Please pray for God’s direction and a continuing softening of their heart’s towards God’s message of hope and love for them.

Monday (10th) – Canada:  

We have three main subjects for prayer: first, to consolidate our achievements of the past year and return to long-term viability; second, to make real progress in the field of publishing; and third, we have an organisation that depends on us on the administrative and legal front and, unfortunately, it loses large sums of money every year. We are working to re-establish this situation and need a lot of wisdom, skill and inspiration.

Tuesday (11th) – United States (USA):

Due to declining sales at our CLC ‘City Center‘ store, the decision was made to close it in June, 2017. This was not an easy decision for our team to make but one that we trust God will honour. We thank Him for allowing us to ‘finish well’ and for the years of opportunity to serve this inner city community. Please pray that our dedicated customers will continue to visit our other shops and website.

Wednesday (12th) – United States (USA): 

Please continue to pray for our BookLink project as we have plans this year to send second-hand books to Myanmar, Liberia, India, Dominica and other CLC countries. 

Thursday (13th) – India:

As we own some property in Purasawalkam (Chennai) very near our old shop, we are praying to construct a building that will be suitable for a warehouse, new shop and conference hall.  Please pray that God will make a way and help us in securing the necessary funds. 

Friday (14th) - India:

We currently have a number of publishing projects pending. Please pray that we will soon have the financial resources needed to move ahead with these projects.

The Weekend (15th/16th) – Indonesia:

Praise God with us!  We recently received news that our grant for a Print-on-Demand system has been approved and we hope to have our new system up and running in early 2018.  Please pray that the equipment will arrive safely and for the training our team will receive to operate it.

Monday (17th) - Indonesia: 

Please pray that people in around the world will develop a deeper love for God, urging them to spend more time reading the Scriptures and other good Christian books. (2 Peter 3:18)

Tuesday (18th) - Japan:

Please pray that CLC Japan’s partnerships with publishers and churches will continue to develop and strengthen so that they can better serve one another.  Pray for open hearts and minds to new ways of working together to further God’s Kingdom. Pray that the Japanese people will continue to develop a real thirst for God’s Word.

Wednesday (19th) - Korea:

We need more staff with professional skills who have a strong passion for literature ministry. As a mission, we are unable to pay the compensation that would normally attract people with the highest skills. As it is our desire to publish books that captivate readers and help them to learn more about God, we would ask that you keep us in your prayers so that God would supply the necessary workers for the harvest! 

Thursday (20th) – Myanmar:

We are in desperate need of a warehouse for all the books we are publishing and importing.  Please continue to pray that God will find a way to make this dream a reality for us this year. 

Friday (21st) – Papua New Guinea:

The Land & Garbage tax rates increased by 3.5% from the previous year, which has had a negative affect on our pricing.  Our tax exemption application to the IRC hasn’t been successful, but we will keep applying and praying until we get a favourable answer. Please join us in prayer so that we can keep our Bibles and books affordable for the many and not just the few.

The Weekend (22nd/23rd) - Pakistan:

Please pray for our building project which includes creating a second storey in our shop as it is still awaiting permission from the necessary authorities. This extension is desperately needed, so please pray for this situation. 

Monday (24th) – Pakistan

Thank you Father that you always hear our prayers and answer us. This year the Lord saved us from all kinds of trouble and interrogation as a security agency was searching for someone who was known to shop with us. Thank you Jesus for protecting our team and ministry.

Tuesday (25th) – Thailand:

Please pray for the sale of our shop property in Bangkok as it is our hope that with its sale we will be able to open another shop on the south side of Chiang Mai. There is a growing missionary population there and will enable us to better serve their needs. 

Wednesday (26th) - Thailand:

We’ve also recently begun publishing children’s colouring books in Thai.  Please pray for the Thai children who will receive these books.

Thursday (27th) – The Philippines:

Trusting in God’s provision, it is our hope that we will be able to open another new bookshop in 2017 as well as to publish 30 new titles!   Please join us in praying for these endeavours.

Friday (28th) – The Philippines:

Please remember in prayer our team members who are working hard to further enhance our website. It is our hope that it will greatly increase our outreach to the people in the Philippines. 

The Weekend (29th/30th) – The Philippines:

Please pray for the value of the Filipino currency. Last year’s decrease in value was the largest in history and makes it very difficult to pay our US suppliers.  Even with our POD system, we depend heavily on the importation of stock, which makes this devaluation a great disadvantage for CLC Philippines’ ministry.

Monday (31st) - Bolivia:

Since opening our shop, the area around us has changed and we now need to find a more suitable location. Please pray that God will give us the wisdom and resources needed to find the right property to better reach the public.