CLC International (UK)
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Prayer Focus - February 2017

Wednesday (1st) – Côte d’Ivoire:

What a blessing to have such good working relationships with our local and international suppliers! These relationships enable us to better meet the needs of our customers. How happy our customers are to find the books they have long been searching for at CLC. It is also such a joy to watch them discover new uplifting titles while browsing our shelves. Although we operate in a highly competitive environment, God
in His grace continues to direct customers to us every day, blessing us often with good sales. We praise His glorious name! ~ Martine Foto, National Director

Thursday (2nd) – United Kingdom:

We have been praising God in the Cambridge CLC that we have had a quite a few interesting encounters in our shop lately. One encounter was with an older couple who asked for a ‘Bible for grownups’ that was similar to a children’s Bible, for some friends they had known for quite a while. Recently these friends had been asking about God and so we suggested The Story, a paraphrased Bible by Murray Watts. Please pray for both couples as God works in their lives. We’ve also had encounters with two couples that regularly distribute New Testaments/Gift Bibles to those on the streets. Please pray for fruit from the distribution of these Bibles. ~ Lucinda Sparrow, Cambridge UK Manager

Friday (3rd) – Antigua:

In November 2016, in an effort to celebrate 55 years of ministry in Antigua and give back to our community, we held a two-week sale. Afterwards, a customer called to offer congratulations and to thank us as she was very satisfied with all she had been able to purchase. We’d like to thank God for Andrew who designed our posters for the event and although the sales were not as high as we had hoped for, we give thanks to God and we will not give up! So many local businesses are shutting down around us but we serve a GREAT BIG GOD and He will supply ALL OUR NEEDS. Please continue to pray for us! ~ Arah Martin, National Director

The Weekend (4th/5th) - Colombia:

In October 2016, there was a significant theft of valuable books and Bibles from CLC Colombia’s warehouse. National Director, David Pabón was interviewed on the local news shared with viewers that although heart-breaking for the team, the situation is first and foremost in God’s hands. The relevant authorities are continuing to study the video recordings and carry out their investigations, but so far no charges have been made. Please pray that the team will continue to illustrate God’s mercy and love in how they share about this loss. Pray also for team unity and that they will experience a deeper sense of joy in the Lord as they work to recover from this situation. ~ Sheena Wardope, on behalf of CLC Colombia

Monday (6th) – USA:

Please pray for the successful launch of a new book by Dr. David Apple entitled Neighborology that came out at the end of last month (January). This is a follow up to his well-received first book called Not Just A Soup Kitchen. In this new book he tackles the real life challenges of doing effective mercy ministry by loving our neighbours well. ~ David Almack, National Director

Tuesday (7th) – Venezuela:

Last year was a very difficult year with a lot of setbacks, but we thank God that even amidst the problems we were able to publish the devotional A Pause in Your Life. Join us in praying that this year will have a lot less setbacks and that we will receive the funding, supplies, raw materials and machinery necessary to help us publish six titles that Editorial CLC (CLC Colombia publishing) has given us the permission to print in our country. ~ Yohel Peña, National Director

Wednesday (8th) - Russia:

In 2016, it was such a delight to our team to see the Lord provide the necessary finances and resources so that we were able to publish two
new titles. Once the publishing permission was granted, the translating into Russian and printing of Tramp for the Lord by Corrie ten Boom, and Little Hands - Story of Jesus by Carine Mackenzie, were quick to follow.
Praise the Lord with us! ~ Nikita Sapunov, National Director

Thursday (9th) - India:

ELS (CLC) India have several popular titles in Tamil that are needing to be reprinted this year but currently the funds are not available. This is due to a general fall in sales in 2016. Please pray that sales will soon turn around enabling us to reprint the necessary books to help satisfy our customers’ needs. ~ Justin Chellappan, National Director

Friday (10th) – Korea:

We thank God that CLC Korea continues to publish an amazing amount of new titles each year. Please join us in praying that God will continue to give them wisdom as they decide which books to publish. May He guide them to select those titles that will greatly impact the lives of the Korean people and deepen their faith in our Lord and Saviour. ~ Gwangsu Jo, on behalf of CLC Korea

The Weekend (11th/12th) – Romania:

We praise God for the resources which will enable us to continue our publishing activity. A financial gift that we received in 2016 is going to enable us to increase the number of good Christian books that we can offer to our readers and to other partners in the Christian trade market. Thank you Lord! ~ Ronela Micula, National Director

Monday (13th) - Rudy Kuijer, CLC IO Global Mobiliser:

Please pray for wisdom and good health so that I will find the right openings to share about CLC’s Mission. I am currently contacting Bible colleges and attending a variety of mission conferences across Europe. Pray also that I will be led by the Holy Spirit to develop
a clear challenge to our teams for bookshop evangelism. Each of us needs to develop a greater desire to share the Gospel wherever we are working – no matter how busy we are! Remember, “For it is [not your strength, but it is] God who is effectively at work in you, both to will and to work [that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in you the longing and the ability to fulfill your purpose] for His good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13 [AMP]

Tuesday (14th) - Lewis & Elsbeth Codington, CLC International Development:

The way we meet and encounter people is so varied and seemingly random...on the bus, in the neighbourhood, on the street, unbelievers inviting friends to a study group, etc. I am reminded of Paul as he wrote to the Ephesians, challenging them to make the most of every opportunity as he asked them for prayer that every time he opened his mouth, he would be able to share the Good News fearlessly - even when he was chained up in prison! Paul certainly saw every situation as an opportunity! At any rate, our request would be that we also would use every occasion to share with those who are heading down the broad road or who have not heard.

Wednesday (15th) – Lesley West, CLC IO Finances:

Lesley has the challenge and responsibility of looking after the finances for CLC’s International Office team and its Directors. She also has the challenge of making sure that funds for international projects, teams and suppliers are sent to them in a timely manner. Pray that God continues to give her the wisdom in understanding all the international laws and issues that she faces each day. Pray also that God will give her peace when she discovers situations that desperately need help but the funds to change the outcome are not yet available.

Thursday (16th) - Amanda Lutes, Global Communications Director:

Moving from the UK Ministry Marketing Director role to the CLC IO team is turning out to be an even bigger challenge than planned! Although it involves moving from the UK to the US, at the time of writing, I am still in my native country of Canada awaiting a USA visa. Please pray that the visa will soon be approved and that I will be able to keep on top of the majority of my new duties even though I am separated from my team. Thank you for your prayers!

Friday (17th) – Sheena Wardrope, CLC IO Administration Support:

For many years Sheena Wardrope was the administrative support for her husband Neil, who was the former International Director. She was formerly the one compiling CLC’s Prayer Focus and a variety of other reports for CLC International. In addition to this she looked after the IO archives and personnel and office enquiries. She continues to be a part-time support to the new International Director, Gerardo Scalante, and a blessing to Amanda Lutes in her role. Sheena has built up strong relationships with the international teams over the years and is a real source of encouragement to many. Please pray for Sheena as her role in the IO changes and as she continues to assist her husband in his new roles as the CLC UK Mission Director and CLC IO Digital Director.

The Weekend (19th – 20th) – CLC International Office Board of Trustees:

As with most mission organisations, each CLC country has a Board of Trustees. Each member of this committee brings a unique wealth of knowledge, experience and spiritual maturity to help in the oversight of the ministry. Their main purpose is to keep us in God’s will and help redirect the ministry if it begins to get off track due to a variety of distractions or market changes. The CLC IO is incredibly blessed to have a Board of Trustees with members who have such a heart for God and CLC’s ministry. Please pray for Graham Ince, Ruth Williams, John Raby (Chairman), Jonathan Chamberlain

Monday (20th) - USA:

Please pray for CLC USA’s new Multi-Language Media department and for the new e-commerce website that will enable people to buy Christian books and Bibles in over 80 languages on-line. Pray that we will have wisdom in adding new titles and reaching many more people in the years to come. ~ David Almack, National Director

Tuesday (21st) - Scotland (UK):

We have a wonderful cafe here in the Aberdeen bookshop, and we are looking forward to starting up an acoustic cafe night with local Christian artists. Two evenings were held in November and this is something that will hopefully be ongoing. Please pray for the start-up and continuation of these events, that the Lord may bless this work.” ~ Eli Williamson, Aberdeen Manager

Wednesday (22nd) – Canada:

We have started discussions with an organization that is both a publisher and distributor. In addition, it has a bookstore and several other significant sales benefits. This dialogue could lead to a merger with CLC, with CLC most likely running the bookstore and becoming the distributor for other Francophone bookstores. Please pray for the success of this merger, as well as an understanding of God’s will for our shared future. ~ Antoine Roberge, National Director

Thursday (23rd) - Dominica:

Due to a slow economy, our stock turnover is struggling which in turn interferes with our ordering of goods and maintenance of stock. We are praying for growth in 2017, as we are making it a goal to venture outside of the shop more often for evangelical projects, events and outdoor bookstalls. Please pray for creative ideas, good health and stamina for our team. Davis Laudat, National Director

Friday (24th) – England (UK):

The closure of bookshops is always heart rending but there is now so much retail competition in the UK that it becomes inevitable. For this reason, the Chatham and Wolverhampton bookshops have closed in the last few weeks. We thank God for all who served in these centres over the years. Please pray that the former shop staff would quickly find what God has in mind for them next. Pray also that our long-time customers/supporters from these areas will find alternative CLC shopping avenues such as our website. ~ Penny Rivett, on behalf of
CLC UK’s Leadership Team

The Weekend (25th/26th) – Miami, USA (CLC Colombian Team):

Please pray for the distribution work we do for Editorial CLC (CLC Colombia publishing) from the city of Miami. Miami is a strategic place for the distribution of Spanish books to countries in Latin America. Some time ago, CLC moved all the inventory to a logistic company that is
doing the storage, fulfilment and the shipping for us. As we grow into new markets, it’s very important to have good communication between the sales department and the logistic company to give to our customers the best service. Pray also for our Marketing Director: Alfonso Guevara, who lives in Miami but travels most of his time giving talks and presenting the Spanish products and resources to pastors,
leaders and potential customers in Latin America. ~ Gerardo Scalante, International Director

Monday (27th) – Kenya POD Update:

God continues to surprise us with the POD project. At the time of writing, we have just completed an order of 2,500 books from a Pastor in Nakuru and we are now working on another of his books! He has already placed an order for 500 copies of this second one! Meanwhile, we have a new cutter and binder and we are testing some ink from Korea. Please pray that we can find the best quality products (paper, ink etc.) at the best possible prices so that we can carry out this ministry with cost effectiveness. ~ Patrick Omukhango, National Director

Tuesday (28th) – Philippines POD Update:

We are so thankful to God that local authors, churches, Bible schools and other Christian organisations now have the opportunity to print their resources at CLC. Please pray that the news that we are now a publishing house would spread throughout the Philippines. Recently CLC published Deliver Us from Evil which was written by a local pastor who practices what he preaches. We are hopeful for good sales and that other CLC countries might wish to publish it in their language. Please also pray that we will receive the publishing rights to print English titles by popular authors. ~ Romualdo Macinas, Asia Pacific Regional Director