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CLC Bookshops Sheffield

2 Church Street
S1 2GN

0114 2724663

Phone: 0114 2724663
E-mail: [email protected]

Opening times
Monday-Saturday: 9.00am - 5.30pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays: CLOSED
CLC Bookshops Sheffield

We moved in April... but your friends still need to know where we are!

Yes, we moved in April and reopened at the beginning of May.... but every day without fail here at CLC Bookshops, 2 Church Street, just beside the Cathedral, customers arrive surprised they did not find us sooner. Or they phone asking "Where are you?" 

And this despite our best and repeated efforts to inform people of the move by as many means as we had at our disposal (emails, social media, church notices....).

You can very easily prevent your friends' and relatives' anxiety and save them time by simply telling them where we are.

Please spread the word far and wide that CLC Bookshops is at 2 Church Street, looking on to the tramlines just topside of the Cathedral. Thank you!! 

Many of our customers ask us "How's it going here?", and we can honestly say that it's much better than on West Street in terms of people coming through the door. It seems that our "regulars" are popping in more frequently, and we are seeing and greeting people we hadn't seen for quite some time.

But what really thrills us are the "new" faces: those who didn't know there was a Christian bookshop in Sheffield and those who simply "wander in", perhaps attracted by the window displays.

Thanks for your prayers as we seek to engage with people of all faiths or none, and influence them for Christ.

Your local shop needs volunteers...

Some of our volunteers are moving from Sheffield and we need to replace them!

If you or someone you know could regularly give a day or more a week, drop off or send us a CV.

Did you know that your local bookshop offers a bookstall service?

Whatever the service, context or event, a relevant selection of trusted resources will add impact and value to what is shared from the front.

A number of churches have someone who looks after the bookstall on a regular basis. If it's a one-off, we can supply just the stock and you do the rest, or we can run the sales for you too. Contact the bookshop for more information. 


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